New Live Notifications Ajax v1.11

Release Notes

  • Integration with time theme
  • Elgg compatibility 1.10 and 1.11
  • I'm trying to use Live_notification with time_theme with elgg 1.11. when i first installed it worked fine showed all notifications, now suddenly all the notifications disappeared and not showing any past or new notifications.

  • Thank you! This plugin works great! I defiantly recommend!

    I have one question, I followed your directions in the READ ME and added (add_new_notification) to the friends action /actions/friends/add.php

    When User A adds User B as a friend, User B gets a blank notification. I want the notification to display "(Icon) UserA has added you as a friend". Can you help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! 

    $friend_guid = get_input('friend');
    $friend = get_user($friend_guid);
    $url_user = elgg_view('output/url', array(
                            'href' => $friend->getURL(),
                            'icon' => $friend->getURL(),
                            'text' => $friend->name,
                            'class' => 'elgg-river-subject',
            $description =  elgg_echo('friend:newfriend:subject', array($url_user));
            add_new_notification($to_guid, $friend, 'add', $description);
  • hi when I activate this plugin, I can't edit the comments (e.g. comment under blog post) I see Ajax error. I'm using elgg 1.12.8. Any idea?

  • I realized had some code wrong.

    Location: /actions/friends/add.php


    $url_user = elgg_view('output/url', array(
    'href' => $friend->getURL(),
    'icon' => $friend->getURL(),
    'text' => $friend->name,
    'class' => 'elgg-river-subject',

    $description = elgg_echo('stuff', array($url_user));

    add_new_notification($friend_guid, $friend, $description);

    Receiving notification but still getting it blank. Please help.

  • Hi,

    Very good plugin, but when I activate this plugin I can't  edit comments, the error is "Unexpected error while performing an AJAX call. Maybe the connection to the server is lost."

    I'm using elgg 2.1.2

    Thanks regards.



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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-6-16
  • Downloads: 8196
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