Event Calendar iCal v1.3

Release Notes

- fixes wsod on import for events with an end date but no end time

- restores 'extras' menu ical link to feed url popup

- adds import/export navigation as action buttons to title menu

- strips tags from event titles


Please note this release changes the interface - the ical button in the extras menu reverts back to the default event_calendar ical feed.  Import/Export can be accessed using the title menu action buttons, making this more consistent with other plugin interfaces.

  • @ Matt Beckett, when the +sign ical icon on event is clicked it throws this error : Fatal error: Call to undefined function event_calendar_flatten_event_structure() in /.../public_html/mod/event_calendar_ical/actions/event_calendar_ical/export.php on line 44


  • Note: Requires the full version of Event Calendar - found on Kevin Jardines github account, the 'full' branch

    You don't have the right version of event calendar

  • @ Matt Beckett, thanks. We are using your plugin as a log book for engineering students and it works!  On the Event_calender, when searching Even Calendar by Kevin Jardines on Github, the Event_calendar_master is the default.

    For those who might be having the same problems that I had to run into, you can find Event_calendar  'full' branch from this address https://github.com/kevinjardine/Elgg-Event-Calendar/tree/full



  • I cannot activate the plugin (event_calendar_ical). I already activated the Elgg-Event-Calendar-full v.0.85 plugin. The required plugin in dependencies' list is event_calendar. I have no idea how to solve this issue. Can somebody help? Thanks in advance!

  • OK, I solved the issue by renaming the Elgg-Event-Calendar-full plugin to event_calendar.

  • seems to work with the latest event_calender version, but the import and export buttons are visible to non-logged in users (but clicking on them will show the error -only for logged in users-).

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