Event Calendar iCal v1.1

Release Notes

Fixes import bug when a new user hasn't had any files created in dataroot yet.

  • ok replaced my current calendar to latest FULL
    removed and replaced this last version of the ical

    imported from a google basic.ics file.
    import gave this result at this url : /action/event_calendar_ical/import

    array(6) { ["year"]=> int(2013) ["month"]=> int(1) ["day"]=> int(2) ["hour"]=> string(2) "20" ["min"]=> string(2) "00" ["sec"]=> string(2) "00" } array(7) { ["year"]=> int(2013) ["month"]=> int(1) ["day"]=> int(7) ["hour"]=> string(2) "11" ["min"]=> string(2) "00" ["sec"]=> string(2) "00" ["tz"]=> string(1) "Z" }

    it was an import directly into a group calendar that i'm member off. it seems to have imported the events anyway even if that output displayed. and now both import and export screen display suscesfully (export was displaying fine, but export action woult not deliver any file and now export from group or side wide works great. testing and commenting, second export also works fine but with same error. I can see past event, but its like if future events are not imported..


    at least i'm missing dozens of entries compared to the google calendar version would it be any help to share the calendar.ics file ? same for third export (3 different basic.ics file from google calendar.

    aside that export from individual event works just fine.


    questions : what if a even from a basic.ics file got updated ? will it also update my imported event if i re import the ics file ? do i need to make import in a few steps reuploading the same ics a few times ?

    suggestions : what about importing directly from URL ?

    ideas : admin shared imported ICS sources i wanted to be able to share the import of events by having a list of ICS sources that could be cron fetched up once a day or something and decide what source would be auto published based on creation rules (group, private, sitewide, public etc..) hence create a auto feeded community calendar..alittle bit like RSS import is doing for blog, bookmarks, pages, but here it would be ICS based..instead of rss..just a few dreams :)

    Thanks for the support, and happy elgg 2013!

  • oops, left a bit of debugging code in apparently... I'll take care of that.

    If you can send me the ics file that's not importing I'll take a look at it.  Re: the ideas - all nice ideas, definitely not trivial though so you'll have to keep dreaming for now :)

  • ps : my idea in short was to be able to TIE a particular online ICS file to a group or a person or sitewide and 1) manage it among admins or 2) combine admin level + cron support with auto sync/post enabled or disabled. if the calendar you are importing is from a trusted close source there is no reason to have to manually approve and do too much admin manipulations.

  • i'll dream then, and live long time hehe :)

  • Most of those imported just fine - it appears that you have some events in there that are set as recurring events and event_calendar itself doesn't have proper support for those.  Most likely those are what's missing.

  • hmm after testing it seems double import of the same file, create a second event with the same name but with another id, appearing twice on the activity, calendar etc..

    maybe problem is with huge ICS files highly populated ?

    or is the debug stuff to remove causing a abnormal procedure to the task ?

  • hmm you are right about recuring events. ok that explain the missing one, even the future ones, by just having the first day of meeting.

  • No, there is currently no duplicate checking in place so if you import the same file multiple times you'll get multiple events.

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