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  • hello, thanks you so much for this !! 
    i'm at one inch of jumping to the roof, i was waiting this since a few month :)

    but lets fix it : when i click on the ical icone its all fine, i see the export, import tab
    but when i click import i get this message in a blank page :

    Select the import criteria

    Import to which calendar?

    and i can see nothing else to choose, there i no thing beside that ...any hint ?

    when i click import, i select for exemple, site wide, all and all
    i select a range date

    then when i click export, i get no events found, and the selector for group default on the latest group i created..
    the event on Mine, and the second option alos mine.

    with a red warning on top of screen : no event found..



  • Please...matt anything i can do to fix this ? 
    basically the plugin is not working, either it say no events to export
    or it show me that white screen without elgg template, just plain blank page with  this : 


    Select the import criteria

    Import to which calendar?

  • @Ben - you can only import into calendars for which you have write access.  You may not have any calendars you can write to if the site calendar is turned off or admin-only, and you're not in any groups with calendars.

    Additionally, you can only export events you have permission to see.  If you are confident those are not the issues then you should probably look for other plugin conflicts as all of this is working for me in both my test and production environments.

  • to first point, yes i understand, seem logical, i'm pretty sure its not the point here, i own events and and cant import or export anything. so i desactivated all plugins, templates, all. 

    and i can reproduce exactly the same bahavior on a default elgg 1.8.8 with no plugins activated beside event_calendar and this plugin here and get same result..i'm lost now..i tought some plugin would be the fishy one.. 

  • Not working..
    It show this "This plugin has unmet dependencies and cannot be activated. Check dependencies under more info." on the plugins list.. I'm using Elgg 1.8.11

  • So check the dependencies.  My suspicion is that you'll need a calendar in order to import/export :)

  • well no plugins in the list is mentioning any missing dependencies. 
    what means :  My suspicion is that you'll need a calendar in order to import/export ? 

    i have a calendar, im owner of the platform, sysadmin, what do i need more ?

    event calendar is installed, has i said, i went to a default template, desactivted ALL plugins less event calendar and his friend eventcalendar ical and had the exact same problem on a default elgg install..

    what can i do to give you more information, debug, log, so you can see i'm not a newbie trying to install a plugin ?  

  • @Ben - my previous comment was directed at DRAFHA

    I can't replicate your issue - I've tested multiple times and can export just fine, you'll have to debug this on your own and let me know if you find a code-level issue for it.

  • @Matt: exporting results in a 500 internal server error - the relevant record in the web server log is:

    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function event_calendar_flatten_event_structure() in (...)/mod/event_calendar_ical/actions/event_calendar_ical/export.php on line 44, referer: http://(...)/event_calendar/ical/export?method=ical&group_guid=(...)

    I'm using elgg 1.8.11, PHP 5.4.10, apache 2.22

  • Gosh i'm not alone...still fighting to bypass this error or find where it comes from..
    but simply impossible to export or import anything..

    @Daniel : do you have anything else when importing ?

    i get a page out of elgg, saying :

    Select the import criteria

    Import to which calendar?

    with no other buttons or menu or dropdown to select anything..

    i'm quite frustrated with this and dont want to have to install a framework (hype) and use another event manager 'hype event) to be able to import events on my network..

  • You're most likely not using the full version of event_calendar - Kevin makes it a bit difficult by not releasing it here so you have to get it from github and actively choose the full branch.

    Just did yet another test as I found a minor (unrelated to your report) bug on the import side of things - and everything is still working as intended.

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