Facebook Connect 1.8 v1.8.8

Release Notes

@ version 1.8.8, author: Dariusz Chyla, dariusz.chyla@gmail.com

1. Compatible with Facebook authorization OAuth 2.0 protocol,

2. Compatible with latest Facebook PHP SDK (v.3.2.1),

3. Deprecated views plugin settings and user setting made compatible with Elgg 1.8,

4. Partially fixed known problem with Facebook PHP SDK (v.3.2.1) that sometimes first $facebook->getUser() call returns zero (0).

  • Like for all other Elgg plugins, to configure a it go to "Administration->Settings->Facebook Connect" item. You will find there necessary options.

  • Hi Sibasis

    How to get application key & secret key for facebook?

  • Hi, I've found your plugin very useful. 

    I was wondering, is there a simple way to modify this plugin to import and save the list of facebook friends at the registrion phase?

  • Just tried to use your plugin and got the error Exception #1374002177 this happened after the new member went through the process and then when they come back to the site they get the above error

  • Hi, I can't configure the plugin, it's always the same warning message :

    Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.: One or more of the given URLs is not allowed by the App's settings. It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App's domains.

    My website : http://www.fripes-et-vintage.com

    Thanks Siegfried

  • Hello Siegfried and thank you for your message. I'm sure (1 case reportrd of few hundreds uses) you need to look again at the configuration steps/data of facebook App.

    I'm currently in very difficult health situation and for 3 months will not have posibility to help on raising plugin issues.

  • Hello FusionOz and thank you for your message. For the error "Exception #1374002177" correction/verification can you please share with me on priviate some some more debug information from custom exception handler? i.e. echo $exception->__toString();? I can not reproduce this problem on my servers. You help will be very welcome.

    I'm currently in very difficult health situation and for 3 months will not have posibility to help on raising plugin issues.  

  • It works! But i am having a problem envolving the facebook app. I have received a warning message in my app detail page that says "Your app asks for read and write permissions at the same time. You should only ask for write permissions when a user tries to share something to Facebook. Please update your app accordingly. Read our recomended practices for more details". I've searched in forums like stack overflow, and found lots of topics about this issue, but none of them directly related to your app.

    Apparently the issue is caused on the facebook permissions from the plugin, so i came to ask, are they on the code? If yes, where?


  • Hello Darezo @dchyla, im using this plugin and it works perfecly!
    Thanks for you work.
    I have a question, is there a way to recover data from facebook and fill in some custom profile fields in elgg?
    Like where does user works, where does user study, location, etc.

  • Hello Arturo,

    Yes, using Facebook Graph API you can ask for access to much more FB user information. However these fields are protected by default by FB privacy policy and user must agree (during Authentication dialog) to share them with your app (plugin). It wasn't plugin authors intention to add this functionality, which could at the end of the day limit plugin applicability. This functionality can be good candidate for plugin custom extension option.

  • Hello Darezo,

    Very good work, I was impressed by this plugin results.
    I only have a small issue, your plugin's "Login with facebook" button doesn't appear into the website.tld/register page.

    Here are some other doubts:
    How could add a filter into process of the creation of the username and remove the special characters (ñ, Ñ,..) and change the letters with accents to normal (á,Á,..)?

    I also would like some help, because I use Profile Manager, and I will like to pull more strings from Facebook, like: link, hometown, location, gender, etc. (See the full list at Facebook in a new page).

    I really wish that some day your plugin could merge with the Profile Manager plugin for a better completeness of the new registered users.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hello, all its fine , but when i change the password for my facebook account i cant go on settings and revoke the connection . How do i clean the setting on the database.




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