Calendar Monthly View v1.8.0.0

  • Very nice, that's a much better view than a list.

    Thank you.

  • Just found out that event_calendar 0.85 already has this full calendar view natively.  The option is "Event Listing Format" => full view (confusingly not 'by month')

  • I've finally made it to work. Needed calendarview plugin though. I wonder if I can add it to 3 colum river left colum. Widgets don't list events, I wonder what's might be wrong?


  • @Matt Beckett: thanks for your note. I really didn't see this feature of event_calendar ))

    @Roman: I haven't test it in 3 column river plugin. But there is a function available for use in custom_index... see code below. May you could you could use the same in 3 column river.

    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('calendarview')) {
    echo elgg_view_module('dashboarditems', elgg_echo("Calendar"), elgg_echo(cindex()));

  • okay. I'd rather wait for someone else to try it... I'm not so much into php coding



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