Twizanex bottom chat for elgg 1.8

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Add a bottom chat bar similar to Facebook on Facebook_theme for elgg, cool_theme, My cool theme, My Ultimate Cool Theme, WISB theme, and many more themes like facebook

by Tom
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This plugin, Provides functionality to make your themes based on Facebook themes by Evan to use Elgg ohyeschat and Chat v1.9rc2 for Elgg 1.8 plugin.


Demo: Go to   to test it and please feel free to leave any suggestion.


How to install

 Go to

- Upload ohyeschat for Elgg 1.8 plugin to your Elgg Mod folder

- Upload  Twizanex bottom chat for elgg 1.8.x to your Elgg  Mod folder

-  Place Twizanex bottom chat for elgg 1.8 bellow  ohyeschat plugin

- Activated  ohyeschat for Elgg 1.8 and then Twizanex bottom chat for elgg 1.8

- Last but not least, enjoy chatting like a pro!

 Note: This plugin also works with Chat versions by Mariano. Go to  and download the LATEST Elgg Chat v1.9rc2 for Elgg 1.8 by Mariano. Will not work without Elgg Chat v1.9rc2 for Elgg 1.8 for Elgg 1,8.11  .

Benefits to Users:

- Users may chat on your site just like facebook

Have fun and remember to click the recommendation button so that it can be useful to others...


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  • Updated: 1970-1-1
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