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Fixed widget problems

  • Hi Mark

    I've been looking for something like this for ages. Thanks for sharing and creating this.. do you know how easy it would be to add an extra field/field so whoever is submitting a qoute can provide a little extra info about themselves etc? or post a link to their own profile sort of thing




  • Hi Martin,

    The full version of this plugin has that feature, as well as much more. You can read it here. It pretty much has all the core features of Odesk or Elance. You can play with the demo above to see it working. Plugin is available at

  • :) ooh there is a full version?.. excelllent!... thanks!  will go and check it out now. only just starting to dicover all these awesome plugins.. wish I could create stuff like this.. Thanks..


  • Yes, the full version is much more advanced than GPL version. You can accept/reject bids, rate people, trace jobs etc. 

    My advise is study blog plugin closely if you want to start creating your own plugins:)

  • Hi Mark,

    Maybe I already stated this but...I wish you all the success you deserve. You're building very nice plugins (this, Auctions...) hopefully soon useful also in our community.


  • Thank you Michele. You can like us on facebook to show your appreciation;)


  • thanks Mark, and yeah Im planning on getting my head around it all and getting in stuck in, been wanting to learn php for ages, but never felt truly inspired.. but somehow Elgg and seeing all the the awesome plugins you folk create, changed all that. now I'm excited!:)

  • Hi Mark, I recommed here but .... kind of hate facebook..otherwise why should I try to create my social network? :) Really, I have a profile on FB but use it rarely and thinking about closing it also for our sn page...

  • I installed it with Elgg 1.8.9 (newest), Web Intelligent Framework 1.5, and this plugin 1.3. But when run, it throw error. Please help me!


    Fatal Error.

    Could not load the elgg:wijobgpl library from /home/mtvfa0/demogosie/mod/wiJobGPL/lib/wijob.php

    InvalidParameterException Object
    [message:protected] => Could not load the elgg:wijobgpl library from /home/mtvfa0/demogosie/mod/wiJobGPL/lib/wijob.php
    [string:Exception:private] => exception 'InvalidParameterException' with message 'Could not load the elgg:wijobgpl library from /home/mtvfa0/demogosie/mod/wiJobGPL/lib/wijob.php' in /home/mtvfa0/demogosie/engine/lib/elgglib.php:114
    Stack trace:
    #0 /home/mtvfa0/demogosie/mod/wijobgpl/start.php(67): elgg_load_library('elgg:wijobgpl')
    #1 [internal function]: wijob_page_handler(Array, 'job')
    #2 /home/mtvfa0/demogosie/engine/lib/pagehandler.php(50): call_user_func('wijob_page_hand...', Array, 'job')
    #3 /home/mtvfa0/demogosie/engine/handlers/page_handler.php(46): page_handler('job', 'all')
    #4 {main}
    [code:protected] => 0
    [file:protected] => /home/mtvfa0/demogosie/engine/lib/elgglib.php
    [line:protected] => 114
    [trace:Exception:private] => Array
    [0] => Array
    [file] => /home/mtvfa0/demogosie/mod/wijobgpl/start.php
    [line] => 67
    [function] => elgg_load_library
    [args] => Array
    [0] => elgg:wijobgpl


    [1] => Array
    [function] => wijob_page_handler
    [args] => Array
    [0] => Array
    [0] => all

    [1] => job


    [2] => Array
    [file] => /home/mtvfa0/demogosie/engine/lib/pagehandler.php
    [line] => 50
    [function] => call_user_func
    [args] => Array
    [0] => wijob_page_handler
    [1] => Array
    [0] => all

    [2] => job


    [3] => Array
    [file] => /home/mtvfa0/demogosie/engine/handlers/page_handler.php
    [line] => 46
    [function] => page_handler
    [args] => Array
    [0] => job
    [1] => all



    [previous:Exception:private] => 

  • Im on holiday at the moment, Ill have a look at this on tuesday. Try it with 1.8.8 first, i have not looked at 1.8.9 yet, maybe there is an issue there

  • Have u tried with 1.8.8?

  • Dear Mark, Elgg 1.8.8 - does not work with this plugin Freelancer, hypePorfolio 1.8. I am fresh installed it in another, but...does not work and get the same error.

  • @Nguyen Are you still having problems?

  • Hi mark Am trying to down load the Web Intelligence Framework 1.1 but I can't at ,I cannot continue after the billing details,I think there is something wrong with the continue link otherwise,it seems to be a useful plugin.

  • @buule - thats odd. Did you try in a different browser? If you cant download it with another browser, PM me with your email address and ill send it to you

  • elgg 1.8.6 installed your plugin framework and activated all. I can create jobs but I can't delete jobs, even as admin. getting server 500 error.

  • i noticed that, will update this soon. you using this for your model site? I thought it would come in handy for you:) Check out for extended version

  • yes I found it handy addition to my social model website. There are 2 flaws I noticed for GPL version:

    Job/Skill Categories can't be edited, only added and deleted. if I save on edit I get admin page error notice:


    then as I mentioned jobs cannot be deleted neither by owner nor admin. Firefox gives white (blank) page and chrome shows 500 - server error page on accessing delete link:

    GET /action/wijob/delete?guid=1428&__elgg_ts=1354720744&__elgg_token=d5dbee8dac06d10d0e9213cf8bcaf046

    remarkable is that there's no actual error entry in the servers error_log. This made me go ballistic, because I don't know what's going on. Anyway, thank you for amazing plugin and I shal look into extended version shortly.






  • Ok, Ill fix these errors tonight, shouldn't be hard

  • HI Mark...remembered my comment above and...just wanted to confirm that my official Facebook account has been deleted...otherwise lots of 'like' to you :)

    Cheers man


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