Freelancer plugin bundle v1.2

Release Notes

Replaced hard-coded sql with dynamic table prefix

  • Works great! Very helpful plugin. :)

    Only bug that I see involves the sidebar menu. If a user clicks "All," he/she will be directed to the URL "/wijob," which doesn't exist.

    Look at lines 144-149 in webIntFramework/lib/webIntFramework/wi_relationship.php. The variable $link in the href of "$linkstr .= '<ul><li id="selected-cat"><a href="'.$link.'">All</a></li>';"  causes the link issue. You can either hard-code the path to something like ../../job/all or just update the php around the variable $subtype.

    Thanks for the great plugin! 

  • Well spotted! I'll make that change to the framework tonight and update it

  • Awesome! By the way, if you have time, it would be really useful to have a Location field in the Create/Edit job page for users who want to specify where the job is located and/or where the project is being completed. Maybe the location can also appear between Quotes and time posted for users browsing pages like job/all/. I think that addition would be incredibly useful. Thanks again and recommended!


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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