WireTubeRj elgg 1.8.8 v1.1

Release Notes

fix: Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL in chrome 

  • je comprends pas vraimen le fonctionnement! :(


  • Newbie question, my appologies.   What is the format of the Youtube reference this plugin is expecting?  

    When I pull the URL from a you tube video (ex. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=I03UmJbK0lA) and post to the wire, it is showing up as a URL, and not as embeded.

    When I use embeded HTML, that shows up as HTML.  

    I am obviously missing something... Any guidance would be appreciated.

  • great job guys!!!!! RECOMEND


  • Doesn't wort at my end, using responsive "elastic" theme .-(

    Advise please !

  • Just found Video is showing up in the Activity Tab, not in the Wire post itself where only a Weblink shows.....anyway to make it show up in the Post itself ?? The Post shows simply a link....

  • This is my fifth attempt to use Elgg. I uninstall and try again every few months.

     I cannot ever get it to work how I want to. It would appear that there is a higher eschelon of developers and even just users that couldn't give a tinker's cuss for anyone not up to speed with getting their site up and running. It is so demoralizing to see so many unanswered cries for help, including mine.

    I want to know how to have videos in my posts, and the posts of others? Can someone please point me at a set of instructions that might help me with this goal.

    Just to acknowledge my question would be nice.


  • aloha!
    the issue we face here is that we commonly have been using software and 'things' that are the equivalent of 'factory made' and have expectations of service.
    this community is more like a big space where a wide variety of parts and pieces are laying around and you can use whatever you like for free.. all the creations of others and their countless hours of coding (that we never see) are yours too, without you needing to do anything.
    the challenge is that to put the pieces together requires the same types of skills that were used to create the parts, so if you do not know how to make the parts then you only have one viable option if you are going to continue the free-ness, which is to learn.
    i'm confident in saying that no-one here has learned by being gifted knowledge, they learned through experience and so they know that others need to as well and that this is the most rewarding and effective way to proceed. so many visit here and ask questions yet few have the knowledge to respond and so there is imbalance that will only be balanced through more enhancing their own skills. these are skills which are universal with website and not elgg specific.

    all that said, there are many plugins which are not tested and incomplete since the coders are not coding using formal design approaches that cover all the bases and do not focus on testing.. which is why there is any need to ask for help with existing plugins at all.

    if we had a way of operating in a 3d or even just video environment we could share more effectively.. but presently this is what we have and it has limitations. that will change as the code evolves.

    with your specific issue here with this plugin.. the embed_extender is the best version of this type of plugin that i am aware of:

    have you used that ?


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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