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Fixed widget problems

  • @ Mark,

    Error number 1 and 2 solved:

    2. when viewing the posted auction, or When a user clickes on view all plugin in on thier dashboard   menu, this error is shown on the screen:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wi_get_expiry_diff() in /../public_html/mod/wiAuction/views/default/object/wiauction.php on line 65

    Error number 1 and 2 were widget related. Yes I am using Web Intelligence Framework 1.3.

    What happened was, the user created an auction and then  the auction widget was added automatically by default to  his profile in his profile page. When the profile page was loaded, the auction widget could not open properly hence, an error was thrown.

    Now that the auction widget is fixed, everything is working ok.

    Thanks for you response.

  • Hi Mark.. Thanks for this Plugin... I have a problem when trying to create an auction.. No matter what Expiry date i will enter i will get the error " The expiry date is in the past please set it in the Future"

    I tried everything from moving the plugin on the top of the list.. re-installing it , etc, Installing older version but none of this help..


  • Hi Demetris, this happened to one other person and it was the problem time settings on their server. This plugin uses date() function so check what that function returns on your server like so:

    $today = date('Y-m-d');   

    echo $today;

  • HI Mark .. Thanks for the quick reply... Can you please explane me where i should enter this code? or how do i check the time on the server?



  • You can put that in any start.php file to see what date() is returning. Sounds to me like it's returning a future date. A date will appear in top left of your page if you put that code in a start.php file

  • @Mark..

    It returns the correct date 2012-12-19 ....

  • Is the date you are inputting in the same format? try putting in 2012-12-19 in the auction expiry field and see what happens

  • @Mark..

    The date is on this format(dd-mm-year) in the auction creation page. Where in the code can i modify the date format ?


  • it should be in format yyyy-mm-dd. The form is created in mod/wiauction/views/default/forms/wiauction/save.php so have a look in their. The datepicker view is used for that input

  • @Mark....

    I can't find where the problem is .... Thanks for trying to help anyways....

  • @Mark...

    Finally i solved the problem.. After crashing my site because of one theme.. I installed everything from the beginning and now i am able to create auctions.. The only difference before it was showing me to choose expiry date from a dropdown menu.. Now its in a form.. But i dont mind of that.. Anyways.. Thanks for this great plugin..

  • Who want help this problem error " The expiry date is in the past please set it in the Future"?

  • I think error in "webIntFramework" plugin in file webintframework/lib/wi_shared.php in this code

    function wi_check_date_not_past($new_date){
        $today = date('Y-m-d');    
        if($new_date >= $today){
            return true;
            return false;
    function wi_check_if_today($new_date){
        $today = date('Y-m-d');    
        echo $today;
        if($new_date == $today){
            return true;
            return false;
    function wi_check_date_format($str){
        if(substr_count($str, "-")==2){
            list ($y, $m, $d) = explode('-', $str);
            if(!is_numeric($y) || !is_numeric($m) || !is_numeric($d)){
                return false;
            return checkdate($m, $d, $y);
            return false;
    what do you think?

  • I think the problem is some versions of php cannot evaluate $new_date >= $today, it always returns false. So in wiJob/actions/save.php, starting on line 128 is this block of code:


    on line 129:

    there is:

            case 'expiry_date':
                if (wi_check_date_not_past($value) && wi_check_date_format($value)) {
                    $values[$name] = $value;
                } else {
                    $error = elgg_echo("wijob:error:expiry_date_early");

    delete this block of code so the check is not done. Then just make sure to choose a date in the future. let me know how it goes

  • Hello Mark I have the same problem, I tryed to delete that block of code but now the expiring date doesn't show up at all on the auction (one it's published). In my opinion the issue as something to do with the fact that we are in 2013 but something in the code is pointing to 2012. In fact untill the end of 2012 there was not such an issue. I could add the date and no problem, but as we got into 2013 there is this error message: "The expiry date is in the past please set it in the Future"

  • Gr8 plugin. Was wondering about categories... I have 28 categories made up, however when a member wants to create an auction only 10 categories are displayed for choice. Any way to fix this?

  • @Justin That problem was fixed in the latest framework (version 1.7) so make sure you have that

  • Thanks Mark... The framework was 1.6. Updated. fixed. Is there a way to automatically assign the expiry date to 2 or 3 or something weeks into the future from date of creation?

  • is it possible to make it ajaxed too ? ( Upgrade.php not works too in newest elgg ) I mean no activity seen by people who bid. Its realy nice but could need some usefull upgrade. I can not make them by my self


    best regards,


  • Hi Pala

    Yes it's possible. I think u sent an email to info at but we didnt get it cos of server problems. If u want it ajaxed, we can do that for u. Just send us a full spec;)

  • Will it cost me money or will you guys do it for all elgg members?

  • it will cost of course:)

  • my site is none profit page its an guild website. For items from a game.. will still cost and how maney it will iff?

  • it depends, send a detailed spec to ino at and i'll send u an estimate


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