Social Connect v1.1

Release Notes



  • [ELGGSOCIAL-2] - Clean up original English text
  • [ELGGSOCIAL-11] - Avatar gets overwritten when connecting more profiles
  • [ELGGSOCIAL-13] - Create log directory/file if they don't exist and allow setting of debug level
  • [ELGGSOCIAL-14] - "Walled Garden" - will not connect
  • [ELGGSOCIAL-16] - Do not use short PHP tags


  • [ELGGSOCIAL-7] - Make plugin work inside a walled garden
  • [ELGGSOCIAL-1] - Allow configuration of OpenID Identity Provider URL in settings
  • [ELGGSOCIAL-18] - Hide provider options when provider not enabled
  • [ELGGSOCIAL-22] - Better align the options in the settings page


  • [ELGGSOCIAL-3] - Admin choice of email-based connection in settings
  • @gluck: check out the name of the Social Connect folder in your mod directory. If it's "social-connect" then rename it to "social_connect". This should help to fix your issue.

    @Federico: the wrong folder name in your zip archive of version 1.1 seems to result in problems for anyone who does not read the comments here before testing it. Wouldn't it be possible to upload a zip file with the correct folder name to avoid this problem?

  • @gluck: did renaming the folder solve the problem?

    @iionly: yes, indeed, i will do it as soon as i get a chance over the next few days...

  • @rajmohan and federico

      Hi guys! can you guys give a clear hint on where and how to place the code for that issue of password from facebook by rajmohan atleast we can use that until Federico uploads a new version,right?

  • Hi Dave ONchE

    I have just uploaded version 1.1.1, it includes the change you were after...

    Please do recommend this plugin if it was of use to you ;-)

  • As somebody noted, right now the plugin adds social connection to login and registration pages automatically. In version 1.2 I will add these two as options, so that admins can decide which feature (if any) to enable... See

  • Hello

    I have install this plugin and the check_version.  I was able to successfully setup Facebook to work. However, these two plugins become de-activated frequently with the follwoing error:

    social_connect (guid: xxxxx) cannot start and has been deactivated. Reason: Cannot include start.php for plugin social_connect (guid: xxxxx) at /var/www/html/mod/social_connect.

    One earlier post talks about folder names, I checked the folder name and it is 'social_connect'. Is there anything that I miss from the instructions?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


  • Hi sistani, could it be a permissions problem on your server?


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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