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  • [ELGGSOCIAL-26] - Password for registered users is not available to users
  • [ELGGSOCIAL-27] - Folder in zip file is incorrect


  • [ELGGSOCIAL-21] - Add new version check
  • @Federico Thanks man,i just recommended and Nice plugin! One more thing, i couldn't find social connect under configure tools in profile settings,is it suppose to be that way?, cos i don't know how else an already existing user who registered without the social connect plugin can sign in using social onnect without creating a new account. Thanks again!


  • @Dave ONchE, thanks for the recommendation ;-) there are no tools for Social Connect in the profile settings at the moment, though i have plans to work on that too in the future. if an existing user tries to register with a social network and the email address already exists in Elgg, then the plugin will connect the exisiting user instead of creating a new one. You need to change the plugin configuration of Social connection handling to either 'once per email' or 'email only' for this behaviour to be activated.

  • @Federico, Thanks for the response.I was actually thinking setting to 'once per email or 'email only' might restrict users from using social connect to login anytime they want plus most users did not use same email which was used to register on other social network like facebook and twitter to register on my site! Does this mean they would have a double account when using social connect?...Thanks!

  • @Dave ONchE, for the time being unfortunately there is no way to connect a user with a different email address to one in your Elgg site. This will become possible when I manage to create the plugin profile tools... Sorry :-(

  • @Federico, Thanks for the good work,looking forward for the version.


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  • Category: Authentication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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