Tabbed Profile v1.7

Release Notes

Fixes potential xss vulnerability

Fixes group widget layout after default tab is renamed

  • adc

    the following appears in the site statistics entities list for this item:


    (have not been able to fix in the plugins' en.php)


  • why can't you fix it in the language file?

  • adc

    the item is not in the language file and is ignored when i add it. (yes i flushed lol).

  • adc

    i am also having issues on another of my elgg sites, this one running elgg 1.8.16

    i am using lees theme designer and have set the topbar icon not to appear. this only works on the original tab, so i request to know how and where i stop the icon appearing when any of the other tabs are chosen please?

  • re: language string - weird, works for me

    re: lees plugin - I don't give support for Lee's plugins, you'll have to ask him.

  • I am using this plugin (in combination with widget manager) as a sort of user/group website system. For that if would be nice if assymetric widget layouts would be possible (similar to the custom index from the widget manager) and the option to hide the widget top-bars (again like on the widget manager custom index).

    Would be great if that could be included somehow. Thanks.

  • Hello, this is a great plugin, but one little question, how does one edit the tabs?

  • When you put your mouse over a tab you're allowed to edit there will be a grey gear icon you can click

  • well yes I keep doing that but nothing happens 

  • Then there's most likely some javascript error preventing the lightbox from opening.  You'll need to track that down.

  • @ Matt: Maybe the site layout options of the AU Sets (Pinboards) could be easily included?

    I would preferr to use the tabbed profile plugin for these kind of sites over the AU sets as it adds less complexity to the overall system (and thus less risk of confusing users).

  • adc

    the lightbox is no longer being launched to set up new tabs. instead, the form opens on its own page, allows widget tabs to be set up and returns the user to the site. if iframe type is chosen the user is returned to the tab set up form after they submit the form data. once a widget type tab has been set up however, its lightbox settings form works perfectly and its type can be changed to that of iframe.

    i can find no reported errors and no plugin conflicts.

  • Just tested - working fine

    Most likely you have a javascript error killing all jquery actions on your page.  You'll need to find the origin of that.

  • adc

    @matt, are you running this plugin inside elgg 1.8.16?

  • Yes, after you reported it yesterday I set up a clean installation and tested - it works fine

    The lightbox depends on javascript to launch, so if you're being sent to a new page it means you page has javascript errors or something else is unregistering the lightbox javascript library

  • adc

    it only works for a short time and stops working after a short period. arvixe report it is an error within the elgg script.

  • I don't think so... I have a number of 1.8.16 sites using it.  Athabasca University has been running it since the very first version and I think they'd let me know if it suddenly stopped working.  Still sticking with my js error hypothesis.

  • Works fine on my 1.8.14 site too, running for > 2 months now.

  • When the single default tab ( or multiple tabs) are set to 'private only' ( or friends only) other users get to see a red error message, which at times repeats itself multiple times, sometimes 10 to 15 times at random (see picture) OR sometimes in some browsers says that there is too many redirect loops to render the page.


    Can the 'no permissions'  message be made compulsarily to display only once? Or better still can there be a page that nicely says this is a private page (and optionally shows only user photo)? Thanks.

  • Can this be please released for Elgg 1.9.4 ?
    This is currently broken with 1.9.4 - that is, profile page html is lost as well as 'add widgets' not working

    Not finding the github page/code repository also.

    Matt can you please work on this towards a mobile-friendly 1.9.4 version?

  • This plugin also generates two very important widgets - user Avatar(photo) and user Menu (an added About me widget would be welcome) - this helps to completely widgetify the profile page and solve design and usability problems. Really looking forward to get this working with Elgg 1.9.4 asap.

  • I have no immediate plans to update this, I'm extremely busy and my efforts need to focus on plugins that I myself am using for projects as well as community and core contributions.  I will likely get to it eventually, but there's no timeline here.

    I'll gladly accept pull requests if someone wants to take it on themselves to update.

  • Thanks Matt. I am just that not capacious or talented to do "pull" requests - otherwise I would have done so. I am not sure if any one else will unless you do. The github page is absent also.

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