Tabbed Profile v1.2

Release Notes

  • makes widget manager a required dependency
  • fixes language string for profile tab deletion
  • changes the method for widget context determination
  • makes tab creation/edit form more logical for groups with widgets disabled
  • adds profile widgets for various portions of the profile - additional flexibility
  • fixes issue with profile edit redirection

Note that this release fixes many bugs, but may have the side effect of moving/hiding widgets made with the previous release.


  • Hi Matt, 

    This is an excellent plugin that I have found very useful. It gets a recommendation from me. 

    One small bug that I noticed: If a site admin creates 2 or more tabs on a group page and adjusts the title of the "default" tab, then non-admin users are initially directed to tab #2 (i.e. the tab directly right of the default tab) each time that they click on that group's page. I would expect users to land by default on the retitled default tab.

    Would you mind updating me with a tip so I can pinpoint/update the default tab php that you created? 

    Thanks so much.

  • Ah, I see - thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    It's line 15 of actions/tabbed_profile/edit.php - the access input should have a default value of public, but it I apparently missed it so changing the name when the 'private default' option is disabled will result in a private default  :P

    Change line 15 to: $access = get_input('access', ACCESS_PUBLIC);

    I'll update this tomorrow most likely.

  • Note that after making this change, you'll have to rename the tab again to properly restore the access.  You can simply rename it, then rename it back to whatever you were trying to achieve.

  • Thanks for the lightning-fast help--it's much appreciated! Your plugin is running perfectly now. :)

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