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fixed: possible missing entries in the river (friends, gifts, etc.)

  • I love this plugin, but is there any way to stop duplicate comments, I noticed if I reply to something on the river, and duplicate appears at the top too.. I've looked through the code but have no idea how to stop this.:S.

    thanks for creating this and sharing it.


  • hello

    please do help me

    I want to change embed content link in rivertalk at activity page.

    how it is possible please help

  • can we change the " embed content " to like " add media " ? 

  • I want to change link(adress) not words

    please do help me


  • @shehbaz: Hmm, maybee that the reason why I wrote "@Ganesh:" in front of my answer!

  • Fantastic Plugin, But .. As I break a line when tightening enter. Example: Exemple

  • <?php
    * New Rivertalk river entry

    $object = $vars['item']->getObjectEntity();

    //get excerpt of around 250, depending on spaces
    $num_chars = 250;
    $excerpt = $object->description;

    $string_length = elgg_strlen($excerpt);

    if ($string_length >= $num_chars) {
    $text = trim(elgg_strip_tags($excerpt)); //all NUL bytes, HTML and PHP tags stripped??
    if ($string_length == elgg_strlen($text)) {

    // handle cases
    $excerpt = elgg_substr($text, 0, $num_chars);
    $space = elgg_strrpos($excerpt, ' ', 0);

    // don't crop if can't find a space.
    if ($space === FALSE) {
    $space = $num_chars;
    $excerpt = trim(elgg_substr($excerpt, 0, $space));

    if ($string_length != elgg_strlen($excerpt)) {
    $excerpt .= '...';

    $readmore_link = elgg_view('output/url', array(
    'href' => $object->getURL() . '#comments',
    'text' => elgg_echo('rivertalk:readmorelink'),
    'is_trusted' => true,
    $excerpt .= $readmore_link;

    $description = $excerpt;

    echo elgg_view('river/elements/layout', array(
    'item' => $vars['item'],
    'message' => $description,








    strablet please help me to set excerpt for line breake 

  • Get a 404 since the last updates when I try to embedd media :/

    @shehbaz, @Arthur Ferreira: Then stop trimming the string!

  • PHP WARNING: 2012-12-18 11:40:05 (CET): "htmlspecialchars(): Invalid multibyte sequence in argument" in file /var/www/elgg/engine/lib/output.php (line 181), referer:

    This seems to be a Rivertalk error, nor?

  • how to post yutube video in rivertalk

    like embed video plugin in blog,message,comments etc 

  • Love this plugin.  Is there any way to make the most recent commented rivertalk post show at the top of your activity?  Like if a user comments on a rivertalk post 3 down from the top, it immidiately jumps to the most recent top position in activity. Facebook does this in groups.  the most recent commented post refreshes at the top of the "Activity".  I've been trying to figure it out but no go.  Any ideas?

  • There doesn't seem to be a way to provide a link to a particular rivertalk post

  • I see this warning on the river activity page when i installed this plugin on elgg 1.8.12

    WARNING: Unable to add menu item '' to 'plaintext' menu
    DEBUG: Array ( [0] => ElggMenuItem Object ( [data:protected] => Array ( [name] => embed [contexts] => Array ( [0] => all ) [section] => default [priority] => 10 [selected] => [parent_name] => [parent] => [children] => Array ( ) [itemClass] => Array ( ) [linkClass] => Array ( [0] => elgg-longtext-control elgg-lightbox embed-control embed-control-elgg-input-1475137979 ) ) [text:protected] => Embed content [href:protected] => [title:protected] => [confirm:protected] => [rel] => lightbox ) )

    Any help with fixing this?
  • Hi,

    @strablet, Nice plugin, it's a very good job, I recommended it !!!

    I'm also interesting to get a line break on the comment, to be able to post Youtube video directly to Rivertalk and at last, getting a preview of HTTP & HTTPs' links  (like SW Wire links Plugin for The wire).

    I do know that chrismas is over, and I do not life in the Barbie World, but if it were possible it would be great ;)


  • how can i allow a user to delete his own comment???

  • Nice plugin, is there anyway i can change the title from rivertalk to my own.


  • After you click on 'recommend' you are free to change anything you want.

  • Hello Strablet,

    I'm sorry but I think you misunderstant what asked vpb79 and what I'm also looking for.

    When the administrator post a rivertalk message in the activity page, He is able to delete it if he wants by cliking on the cross icon in top right of the message box.

    But for a registered user which is not admin, the capabilities to delete his rivertalk message does not exist, he must goes to the menu rivertalk to delete his message.

    Is it link to a general site configuration or wan Rivertalk offer it ?

    Hope this is clear...

    Best regards,

  • I am sorry. I cannot seem to get this to work correctly. Is there a certain theme that I have to use in order for it to work? Nothing gets added to The Wire or Activity for me. Can someone please assist me? Thanks!

  • Great work strablet

    I hope a new version with embed video link support, ajax load for river talk when adding new, line break, option to set defult plain text or long text in river add box and upload video file and text option upon editor

    thanks for plugin

  • This plugin uses unmet dependencies and could not ativaá it. Check the dependencies for more information.

  • When Rivertalk is disabled, my River defaults to showing the "Friends" tab view (the River AddOn plugin allows you to select tab order), however when Rivertalk is enabled, while the tab order remains as set with the River AddOn plugin, the page loads with the "All" tab selected. Is there an easy way for me to set which tab Rivertalk selects by default? Thanks

  • Can you Ajaxified Wire Add form? this will be perfect


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