Release Notes

fixed: possible missing entries in the river (friends, gifts, etc.)

  • This version work super High RECOMENDED!!!

  • Thanks Roy. Glad you like it. 

  • One idea would be to include a lightbox effect for all pictures shown in the rivertalk. (although i use lightbox for tidypics, when I click pictures in the rivertalk item in the activity river, the picture is opened in the standard way. lightbox would be nicer, I reckon.) this should not be too difficult to code.

    Maybe better setup gitHub also for your plugin?

    Anyway, great job again.

  • Thank you strablet!,

    I have been using these plugins on my website and functioning properly. I would recommend these plugins on my colleagues. and other Elgg users

  • Thanks stoneyman, those are some great ideas. I have set up a github account under the name Strablet but I haven't uploaded files yet. Will look into that

  • Thanks to you Komarudin Surya. I use the Basic Light theme. (Basic Light) It works really well. I like the theme you are using for mobile. Which one is that? 

  • Hey strablet, one more thing for the next version maybe: when http links are copied into posts, they shoould be auto-links, i.e. clickable by default. coz must users do not have the knowlegde to use jtml tags. cheers!

  • That github site suckssss... I just want to upload my plugin files so everyone can share the code. But it's so complicated, forget it. Just give me an 'upload' button. I'm stupid.

  • @Strablet - you can't simply 'upload' to github because it's not a file storage site, it's for version control

  • I don't know, Matt. They call it the world's largest repository. Repository by definition is a place where you can store things. If things are stored locally, then the github is not really a repository.

    So I did a search and found that if you click on the download button, it takes you to a page where you can upload! Hahahaha. How backward is that?

    It's like when you go to the Elgg plugin page and click on "Browse most downloaded plugins" but it takes you to "Browse most recent plugins". It's the same for the link "Browse most recommended plugins". Yeah man, if the link doesn't work, at least take it out until you have time to fix it! Am I the only one who notices this stuff??

    So I found these instructions when I searched github, upload:

    You need to create a git repo locally, add your project files to that repo, commit them to the local repo, and then sync that repo to your repo on github. You can find good instructions on how to do the latter bit on github, and the former should be easy to do with the software you've downloaded.

    What? "Git repo locally"? I think I'll have to look in the urban dictionary to figure that one out. Is that the same as a hit and run?

    My whole point is, it's not worth the time. Switching costs are too high. I gain nothing by doing this.

  • If I use the mobile-browser, Rivertalk is not work, what should I do to be able to use this plugin on mobile browsers ? image

    Thank's Strablet image

  • very nice plug in Daniel.

    I tried it on elgg 1.8.5 it does not work !!

    Any help for the issue 

    Thanks in advance

  • Hey markotech 2 days ago, I can't install elgg 1.8.5, since I don't have this older version. You would do better to upgrade to the newest version of Elgg.

  • Komarudin Surya 3 days ago, I use the Mobilize plugin and it works fine. I think you are using the Mobile plugin. Try Mobilize and you'll have better results.

  • Hi, Strablet, think of a repository like of a sort of investment. It's not really a switch between two ftp applications. Imagine what happened if your plugin made it to be included in the base package of - let's say - elgg 1.9.0. Development would be immediately distributed among programmers, who do not necessarily know each other, nor the entire code base. But if it came to making modifications on your plugin, as it's been included in the main package, every other developer working on it should have access to the files and make modifications in them according to the needs, while doing no harm to the original code. 

    The original coder of the given module would then function as a supervisor, by evaluating contributions made by other programmers.

    A repository imposes a big administrative overhead compared to traditional online backup systems, but it is the way to go!

  • What is "rivertalk:inbox" and "rivertalk:shared" in translation?

    If it is "userwall" rivertalks it's awsome, i can't wait when it comes. It would great replacement to poor messageboard in which user's can't even comment anything.

    May be some dev sources are available?

  • I also added access option and option to post rivertalk to any group directly from main activity page. That's was extremly easy by setting value of container_guid.

    Is there a way to make addressed rivertalk to user in easy way?

  • Is there an option to jump from actiticy to a "Readroom" from a rivertalk entry in river? Or do you always have to go to the rivertalk page and search the entry?

  • @Tim : Can you share how to added access option and option to post rivertalk. User can choose access option like: public, private, friend when post rivertalk. Thanks in advance.

  • nicely plugin thx strablet
    works with 1.8.9 :-)

  • HI I love this,

    Where it says to delete the old code and put this code in its place, can you point me in the right direction, where to do this (Which file etc).. my filter menu is appearing on top of the wire box so hoping it might sort that out as well.

    Thanks for creating and sharing this



  • Hi I just noticed a strange problem, the river box only shows on the activity page for the admin, but when logged in as a normal user there is nothing there?..

    I really really want to use this plugin but I Really need the wire box to be on the activity page for normal users too

    please can anyone shed some light on it





  • my bad I had private river plugin activated... doh!

  • Thanks everyone for your support. Sorry, but I don't have much time to work on this project. The current version is stable and should function well under most conditions. I made the plugin so it was non-intrusive, meaning it doesn't conflict with other plugins or themes. Appreciate all the feedback! 

  • how to see file bigger thumbnail in river uploaded from embed content link


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