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fixed: possible problem with videos not visible in the river

  • Just updated to 1.04 (Flushed Cache and used upgrade.php), and now I can't see any comments in the river :(

  • It's working fine here. Can you tell me what plugins you are using?

  • It seems that this only happens to discussions, work this for you too?

    I notice another problem: I use the gifs plugin and if I activate Rivertalk the river entries from gifts disappear... If I deactivate Rivertalk they reappear!


  • OK, I can work on that. My plugin won't change the river entries in anyway, so you don't have to worry about them really really disappearing. Your original content is safe.

    Let me take a look inside that gifs plugin and see what is happening...

  • Thank you very much! I think that has something to do with the way gifts adds a river entry; The entry comes not from a profile but from the plugin itself...

  • No problem. I use that gifts plugins too. It's fun. I made some really crazy gifts for people...

    The river on elgg is ... a pretty messy place. I hope in the next version of elgg they make a really good filtering system. 

  • Yeah, me too! Use it as an alternative plugin for the "flirt"-plugin too ;)

    BTW: I see much errors like

    [Mon Oct 15 11:45:02 2012] [error] [client ] PHP WARNING: 2012-10-15 11:45:02 (CEST): "Argument 2 passed to elgg_extract() must be an array, null given, called in /var/www/elgg/mod/rivertalk/pages/rivertalk/riverbox.php on line 70 and defined" in file /var/www/elgg/engine/lib/elgglib.php (line 1581)

    Elgg oder Rivertalk problem?

  • That's funny. What verson of elgg are you using? Mine is very stable. I don't get any errors. :-p

  • Elgg-Version : Release - 1.8.8, Version - 2012071100

    Afaik the last stable version ;)

  • Curiouser and curiouser. I also have the same:

    $version = 2012071100;

    // Human-friendly version name
    $release = '1.8.8';

    I have a suggestion. Clear the cache on your browser. If that doesn't work, please tell me.


  • Hey, I got some good news! I found out why the gifts don't show up on the river. I can upload a new version for you soon.

  • So, the error above come from an alternative rss view I build... So that's my fault ;)

    Thank you for the good news!

  • Just found out a few more things that disappear! :(

    • xy joined site
    • xy joined group
    • xy wrote on xy's Message Board

    I already wondered why my akticity page was so empty, I thought my users where simply inactive^^


  • Yeah, I can fix all that. I've already got it lined up. Anything else before I upload the new version?

  • Like Comments would be great, but this is more for the likes plugin I gues...

    One little thing I edit in css: "resize:vertical" pretend that the user resize the textarea behind the sitebar ;)

  • With this new vesion when I actived this is what show:


    Server error

    The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.

    Here are some suggestions:

    HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.
  • Hey Roy, thanks for the feedback. Seems the izap plugins don't play nice with other plugins. I'm going to take my patch out. I've tried to contact the people at izap, but I got no response. They haven't updated the stuff in about 5 months. Are they out of business? I'd welcome some feedback from them here.

    I recommend you try another video plugin. In the meantime, try turning off the izap plugin for a second and see if my plugin is working or not, just to be sure.

    And flush everything. Browser cache and Elgg cache. I might start putting time stamped files throughout my plugin with each upgrade...



  • Brillinat plugin! The missing feature in elgg in my mind!!

    Recommended, although it has just been runnign on my site for 30 minutes.. will keep testing.

    It could be a replacement for the wire.

  • Thanks stoneyman. That's great. Be sure you have version 1.05. I think that version is the most stable one we've got so far. A lot of people where helpful with finding errors, so now things have calmed down a bit. When I get some time, I'll work on new features. Any suggestions?


  • I have 1.05, just posted in the wrong section. 

    One idea would be to include a lightbox effect for all pictures shown in the rivertalk. (although i use lightbox for tidypics, when I click pictures in the rivertalk item in the activity river, the picture is opened in the standard way. lightbox would be nicer, I reckon.) this should not be too difficult to code.

    Maybe better setup gitHub also for your plugin?

    Anyway, great job again.


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