Widgetized Profile vAir

Release Notes

To do:

Add a widget to show the profile owner's display name.


Tested on elgg 1.8.8

I am a 12 year old kid who coded this with a broken arm. Please reccomend this plugin.

  • what happened ? & u still code with one arm ? ;-P kewlz ;oO

  • Really cool plugin! This is very useful! Recommended!

  • @Dhrup I broke my arm playing soccer. I am able to type with it though.

    I hope you all enjoy this plugin. Next up: a plugin that lets the user change the profile background and colors. Next up after that: a plugin that lets the admin select certain users to have a "special" full screen profile page.


  • Oh boyy, but good to know u r still @good stuff and not downed  ;) Reminds me of mid 2008 - when I started with Elgg stuffs. I had immobile right arm for 6..9 months ! lolz after my little coma stunt ;) I could not do anything - soo, just sat around 'typing' @keybd with 2 left fingers.. reading Elgg API, day and night l-X) nothng else better to do and boreddd as hell ! Thats' when I 'fell in luvs' w/ Elgg ;oO

    What is a 'full special screen profile page' ? sounds interstinggg and i dare say u gonna come u with somethang better than custonStylez !;) Send me sneak private copy b4 others get their grubby mitts on it !

    And heyyyy - I used to coach high school soccer about 2003-005 - offically for my daughter's school team lolzzzz ;-P I wuz baddd but they uset win almost all de games.. anyway i gonna look over this nuevo plugin as the others before.. stay cool ..;-) keep coding !;P


  • Thanks Speedysnail for this plugin.

    +Fills in where Coldtrick's ProfileManager (or WidgetManager) lacks: (Instead of standard Elgg's one-block  display of Profile Avatar, Details and Menu), introduces 3 separate widgets for these, so that you can move them around as you like.

    + Probably most importantly it avoids "empty screen" effect (in the standard Elgg display of details) when user does not fill much details.

    - Potential incompatibility with Coldtrick's WidgetManager. I seem to have lost WidgetManager's 'Content by Tag' widget after activating this plugin. I could not repeat this issues though. Needs more testing.

    > It is currently possible to add each of these 3 new widgets more than once: e.g. x many avatars etc. Maybe it is better to make them singleton.

    Nothing specific to this plugin: Standard Elgg behaviour: This may be a plugin to use in the very beginning. If you activate it, you loose the standard Elgg widget for all users and you need to activate the new widgets for all users (hopefully via a script).

    Pending ensuring of WidgetManager compatibility, a very useful plugin. Thanks.

  • @Speedy:

    i just got around to install and test...
    this plugin is amazingg!
    lemme say that again ;O
    this plugin is amazingg!
    you're good ! even with a broken arm ;)



  • @Speedy Hi. Does your plugin also add a 'Status' widget in addtion to the other 3 you mentioned?  Or am I doing something wrong? regards.

  • @Iso:
    This PlugIn is amazing ! ;) 
    You need to be amazing, too  ;)
    Speedy is :- 
    right now sleeping;
    when he wakes up..
    most likely has to fix breakfast, look at middle school  'homework'  ;-oO
    what you're 'doing wrong..' ? = not testing enough ;P
    that widget is there ok ;)
    now.. go test.. please...!

  • @İşöğünçı

    Actually, I made a mistake in the description and screenshots. The "Status" widget is installed when you activate this plugin. I will fix this later today. Sorry about that. 

    I will test it with the "Widget Manager" plugin later today. When this plugin is activated, does the "Content by Tag" widget just disappear?

    Thanks for your feedback


    Thank you for all your support. Glad you like the plugin


  • Fixed the "Status" widget error in the description and screenshots.

  • @Speedysnail I would not call the omission in the description an "error".

    As for WidgetManager compatibility, I tested further on my various setups. I did not hit any issue at all. It must have been an oversight on my part. It seems to perfectly live together with WidgetManager.

    Thank you again for this useful plugin!

  • Outstanding plugin..


  • Thank you Speedy - using it on my site now  :O)


  • Great plugin, but it will be possible to make the wider avatar image??? for space??? if possible please help me in this matter, thanks!

  • Umm....  are you talking about the widget size or the picture itself?

  • Please update this for Elgg 3x

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