AU Subgroups v1.6

Release Notes

- fixes potential php fatal error (wsod) under certain conditions

- adds ability to move a group and all subgroups to be a subgroup of another

- adds group setting to allow any member to create subgroups (enabled by default)

- fixes bug with subgroup edit permissions for higher level admins that aren't members

- enforce visibility restrictions when moving subgroups to new parents

Notes on subgroup move:

- must have edit permissions for subgroup and parent group up to the top level

- cannot make a group a subgroup of itself or it's children

- users in a moved group that aren't in the new parent group are removed, and invited into the hierarchy

  • Thank you for this plugin... :) i wish to create a tree view hierarchy which shows all the groups and sub-group of a particular user Login .. please Help me out (step by step)... Im new to elgg .

  • 1.9 Compatibility: Works fine (quick test). On Elgg 1.9.3 with or without Aalborg.

  • im w8ing for an answer....!!! :( please help me out

  • How to move the subgroups in the top instead of the bottom?

    works under 1.9.x :-)

  • @whitetornado - I assume you're asking about the link - you'll need to unregister it from the menu and re-register it to the owner_block menu with a new priority

  • It will work for Elgg 1.12.3 if you make the following changes (at least it seems to work for me after a quick test...):

    (As I remember, you will hit these warnings after upgrading to 1.10.x)
    Deprecated in 1.9: context parameters for elgg_register_widget_type() should be passed as an array())   
    In the file au_subgroups/start.php modify line 64:
      elgg_register_widget_type('au_subgroups', elgg_echo('au_subgroups'), elgg_echo('au_subgroups:widget:description'),'groups');
      elgg_register_widget_type('au_subgroups', elgg_echo('au_subgroups'), elgg_echo('au_subgroups:widget:description'), array('groups'));

    Deprecated in 1.9: \ElggMenuItem::factory() does not accept 'class' key anymore, use 'link_class' instead
    In the file au_subgroups/lib/events.php:

          if (($any_member && $group->isMember()) || $group->canEdit()) {
            // register our title menu
            elgg_register_menu_item('title', array(
              'name' => 'add_subgroup',
              'href' => "groups/subgroups/add/{$group->guid}",
              'text' => elgg_echo('au_subgroups:add:subgroup'),
              'link_class' => 'elgg-button elgg-button-action'

    modify the line 218
              'class' => 'elgg-button elgg-button-action'
              'link_class' => 'elgg-button elgg-button-action'


  • Hi @Matt,

    I am trying to make a group a subgroup of another existing group, but have been unable to do so.

    I am currently going 

    1 edit group

    2 other options

    3 make this group a subgroup of another group

    4 selecting the other group. It jumps to that group, and does not transfer.

    I am using v 1.6 and have flushed caches and updated

    Can anyone advise how to achieve this please?



  • Further info,

    When I try to transfer it says that au_subgroups/transfer.php is not defined in the system.

    What am I doing wrong?

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