AU Subgroups v1.6

Release Notes

- fixes potential php fatal error (wsod) under certain conditions

- adds ability to move a group and all subgroups to be a subgroup of another

- adds group setting to allow any member to create subgroups (enabled by default)

- fixes bug with subgroup edit permissions for higher level admins that aren't members

- enforce visibility restrictions when moving subgroups to new parents

Notes on subgroup move:

- must have edit permissions for subgroup and parent group up to the top level

- cannot make a group a subgroup of itself or it's children

- users in a moved group that aren't in the new parent group are removed, and invited into the hierarchy

  • Thanks for this plugin and its many new features. For me the two enhancements are most useful, subgroup creation by all logged in users and chance of moving sub/groups between parents. It allows to create more intuitive and transparent group structure for my users - in my case: country > state > city. So far everything works great.

  • This plugin appears to remove "My Status" sidebar, which is important for me because it has the link to modify Group Notifications. Any reason why this is not included as a setting? Thx recommended plugin.

  • Oh also delete subgroup does not appear to work. Using Elgg 1.8.13.

  • I've tested (in 1.8.13) and subgroup deletion does work.

    The "My Status" was added to core in a very recent version, well after this plugin was made.  This plugin has to override the groups library by necessity and it hasn't been updated with the most recent view changes.

  • one thought for an enhancement -

    instead of having the labels added to entries in the group lists showing 'subgroup of... xxx' and having the subgroups showing with their own entries in the main group listings:
    a clearer way would be to use a javascripted extender box (or some other similar ui element) that lists all the sub-groups in smallish text underneath each of the main group containers.
    so you would see a 'subgroups' label / link underneath each of the group labels/links (with a count of the subgroups and maybe a + sign) and when it is clicked, the full list of sub-groups would be displayed.
    that way the group lists are more compact and groups are more clearly sequenced in the lists rather than being randomly distributed.

    maybe this would only be suitable for the open/closed list panels and not all of them..

  • am i right in thinking that sub-groups are created with a container_guid of the parent group?

  • No they are determined by relationships

  • When I try to create sub-group, it displays "Sorry. We could not find the page that you requested." at the bottom of the page. Do you have any idea what's happen? or how I can debug?

    I use egg 1.8.15 and test in localhost.



  • i just noticed that with this plugin enabled, the main group edit page does not populate with form data for the group when i edit it. so i click 'edit' for the group and see and empty form.

  • I haven't tested this beyond Elgg 1.8.13.  I'm not working for AU anymore, I'm still willing to bugfix anything that comes up on my own time, but that time is definitely limited at the moment.  If anybody who is using this for their project and having issues can spend some time tracking down the cause of any issues it would help a lot.

  • Many thanks to the developer(s) it's a very useful plugin for me. There's just one issue for me: Is it somehow possible to inherit group membership (I only use 'closed groups') automatically from the parent to it's sub-groups - meaning that a member of the parent is automatically a member of all subgroups? Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

  • There is no built in mechanism for this.  The assumption is that a subgroup would be for a sub-set of the parent group membership (which could contain all of the members, but not necessarily) so there is no UI for it.  It can be done by coding an event handler though.

  • Thanks for your quick reply, Matt Beckett. I was going to use the subgroups to structure content, not users, but I think I'll rather use 'pages' for this then, even though the group/membership relation isn't as clear.

  • Great plug-in. It solved nearly all of my organizational issues. One question. How hard, (or how much?) to change the default behaviour to automatically enroll member in parent groups when an invitation is sent and/or accepted? If you would rather discuss offline... darryl_at_sharkbytesystems_dot_net.

  • Matt, I really trust you, and i'm really thank for all your work with Elgg!

    This said, please help me! Is there a way to Permit ALL USERS To Create Subgroups But not create Groups?

    Let me explain: in, we have a set of 19 Groups that are in the "Root Menu". And we do not want users to create new ones. But we wish to allow them to create new group (as much as they want) INSIDE this 19 groups.

    Any hint or idea?

  • This can be done with a helper plugin, but since sub-groups are in reality no different from regular groups it may be a bit tricky.  Certainly not impossible though - you'll need to remove the add-group link from relevant pages and disable the action for non-admins, while allowing the subgroup creation action to work (I haven't actually looked at this code in a while so I don't remember if it re-uses that action with some hooks or defines its own action...)

  • How does one delete only a sub-group (e.g. while keeping the parent-group)?

    I have the group-tools plugin installed and when I press on delete group in the edit menu it redirects me to a "this page can not be found" site.

    Also: is there a way to promote a sub-group to become a full group?

  • Ok strange, with newly created groups it seems to work when I press delete.

    For promoting I guess one could create a new full group, transfer the subgroup and then delete it and promote the content of the deleted sub-group to the new full group.

  • Has anyone fixed this problem yet??

    Ruby 130 days ago

    When I try to create sub-group, it displays "Sorry. We could not find the page that you requested." at the bottom of the page. Do you have any idea what's happen? or how I can debug?

    I use egg 1.8.15 and test in localhost.



  • I've just tested and I'm not seeing this.  Could be a conflict with another plugin potentially.

    You can also try directly from the repository and let me know if that changes anything.  I haven't touched this plugin in a while but it appears to be working for me on a clean 1.8.16 install

  • I tried the one on github with only elgg 1.8.16 bundled plugins activated and it still has same problem! Also the Tabbed Profile and Group_UX plugins are having same problems!

  • @Matt I just realised the problem was only occuring on my localhost desktop wampserver!!.. It works perfectly when i tried it on my production site online. Thanks and recommended!

  • Hi,

    I have installed this plugin and created 2 groups "Group A" and "Group B". By mistake I have made Group A as a subgroup of Group B.

    Please help me out on how to bring it back so that Group A will be a individual group and not a subgroup of Group B.

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