AU Subgroups v1.5

Release Notes

- added create subgroup link to parent group title menu again

- removes 'join' and 'request membership' title buttons for subgroups when the viewer isn't a member of the parent

 - fixes a number of issues introduced with 1.8.9

Note that this release requires 1.8.9 - will not work with 1.8.8 and below

  • ouch!;-) i did not quite think there would be use-cases.. more just wondering out aloud. if someone else has examples of their use-cases, i would be interested to read though those. the possibilities seem rather open-ended for now. my example was a somewhat isolated case - take groups plugin, do/do`not rename it; put it to another purpose than just 'groups'; trim a few ends, add a few ltttle features and.. a whole new world! (elgg) works for me..! my way out when i could figure which of the foss P.M. pkgs (there's too many out there) i liked enough to use without am extended learning curve or customizing. so this makes abt the 3rd or 4th time i've used 'groups' (almost unchanged) to create a new 'plugin' feature.

  • For my purpose this is one of the most essential features of Elgg. 
    *thanks to the creator* 

  • Hi,

    I upgraded Elgg to version 1.8.12. Now i have a problem with groups/edit. When i update a group profile all settings like title, description etcetera are emptied. When i disable AU subgroups the problem is gone.


  • My test instance has been 1.8.12 since it was released and it's working fine there.  Are you sure you're using the most recent version of AU subgroups?

  • I found the solution:



    * Edit/create a group wrapper
    * @uses $vars['entity'] ElggGroup object

    $entity = elgg_extract('entity', $vars, null);

    $form_vars = array(
    'enctype' => 'multipart/form-data',
    'class' => 'elgg-form-alt',

    echo elgg_view_form('groups/edit', $form_vars, groups_prepare_form_vars($entity));

  • i cannot delete a subgroup.... any help ? 

  • Are you using the most recent version of this plugin?  You're commenting on an older version here...

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