AU Subgroups v1.5

Release Notes

- added create subgroup link to parent group title menu again

- removes 'join' and 'request membership' title buttons for subgroups when the viewer isn't a member of the parent

 - fixes a number of issues introduced with 1.8.9

Note that this release requires 1.8.9 - will not work with 1.8.8 and below

  • hello, very good plugin, but I have a problem. Thumbnails not created, instead adds a black image. What can happen?

  • dunno - group profile images work in all of my instances.  Did you try with and without this plugin?

  • Hello. When I create a group I created the image without problems, but when I create a sub group a thumbnail appears black. I tested with several scenarios, and I only passed to create sub groups. I tried to reupload the image, edit, etc, and always the same.

    In fact, I've tried with a clean install of Windows using elgg both WOS Portable as low a distribution based on Linux (CentOS)

  • do you have a theme going?  There is css controlling a black banner overlay over the images of subgroups, you may have conflicting css interfering

  • Hello, I think that's because the thumbnail increase and is almost invisible background image. How do I superimpose the image of the sub group on black banner? And how do I know what the css to do it? I disabled the theme that I have put and still appears.

    thank you very much


  • look at the css in the plugin - this plugin overwrites the group icon view to generate that banner

  • @Matt,  I am not able to see "who can see this group"  as mentioned in third screen  option can you please help. Even I tried to install group tools plugin but no luck :( :(  . I am using elgg 1.8.9 and 1.8.11

  • Run upgrade to make sure you're getting all of the css/js

    If you used an older version of this plugin, make sure you completely remove it before updating to the latest version.

    Most likely though you have another plugin overwriting the group form.

  • This is weird but I just tired on my new elgg-1.8.9 setup with only default plugin. Not sure what causing the issue

  • HI Matt ,

    Please help. I installed again new elgg-1.8.9 setup and just install only "AU Subgroups for Elgg 1.8" but still

    i am not able to see "who can see this group" option .

  • I don't know what to tell you - do you have javascript enabled?  Are there any javascript errors?

  • @@Matt: No!    no error Not sure what is the problem ..

    I need this plugin for my site


  • groups:visibility ('Who can See this Group?') is part of the groups plugin normal stuff! you cannot be missing that input field ! unless you've cloberred your plugin with some of your own coding ;-P

  • @@Dhrup  I understand this that’s why I installed new elgg 1.8.9 and tried on 1.8.11 and only installed Matt's "AU Subgroups" plugin still No luck :( :( :(  anyone please help !!!. Does this plugin have dependency on any other plugin so maybe I can find out the problem..

  • There are no dependencies for this plugin.  The who can see this group dropdown is modified with jquery as it has to be equal or more restrictive than parent groups.  eg. If the parent group is invisible, you can't have a public subgroup - the subgroup can only be visible to members of the parent group.  We're at over 900 downloads of this and yours is the only report of this field being missing - and since it's working on all of my test sites I can't really diagnose it.

  • saurabh: i am not convinced that you 'understand..' i get his little tiny feeling that you're either not paying heavy attention to the heavy but clear technical suggestions offered or...?@ 

    matt's explanation '.. If the parent group... ' is what it is; but you need to do justice and *check out the code in the au_subgroups' lib php scripts for yourself! 'anyone please help!!!' is not a factor for learning what you do not know..;)

    spend some time with the code... in the sitting room, in the bedroom, in the bathroom! ;) that's how all everyone else has learned before you ;-!) the secret of learning! if you cannot code for peanuts, head over to the professional services group and find someone who can..


  • @ Matt:-  Got the issue :) :) :) :) :)

    Your code is too tough for me to understand.

    if (elgg_get_plugin_setting('hidden_groups', 'groups') == 'yes')  This was the problem I Made it no and its works.

     Thanks you again for your Plugin. :) :) :)

  • Hi Matt! Thanks SO MUCH for this wonderful plugin! We'll use it A LOT in our network, Coolmeia, that is designed to produce Common Good, implementing horizontal relationships and autonomous groups talking to each other in the network.

    We just feel one thing is missing, and perhaps you can help us figure out if it's possible to accomplish: If we need to create a Group "Above" a group that is already created, is there a wat to put in in the correct "Tree order"?

    For example: I already created the Group Mother, and the subgroups Daughter and Son. Now, I want to create the Group Grandmother, that will be "above" Mother, this way:

    Grandmother > Mother > Daughter/Son

    Is this possible? How?

  • Thanks for the great plugin!

    I noticed. More links of custom widgets is wrong.
    /mod /au_subgroups/views/default /au_subgroups/group_module.php
    Line 16
    'href' => "groups/subgroups/{$ group-> guid}/all",
    'href' => "groups/subgroups/list/{$ group-> guid}",

  • Can we allow users to create subgroup by login user and not only by group owner?  All login users can create a new group but not a subgroup in the other owner group. 

  • (a) something rafael said a while back.. wonder if & how far subgroups can be used to manage family trees /geneaologies ?;)
    (b) how easy and how useful it might be to be have groups in more than 1 parent group ?
    my interest in this is something i'm working with (on 'agilez' - little elgg-based client project managing subsystem that uses *groups) --> so if a single task (or sub-projects) were in 2 different projects, could just link them as sub-groups without duplicating.

  • I don't see why not, that seems like an interesting use case.  The heirarchy of groups is handled as relationships, much of the code relies on a single function though au_subgroups_get_parent($group) which usually assumes only a single parent.  So there would be some refactoring necessary to deal with that.

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