AU Subgroups v1.1

Release Notes

  • added option to show featured groups on personal listing pages
  • prevents users from being invited to subgroups when they're not members of the parent group
  • fixes subgroup creation link on default group module
  • added some visibility control for subgroups
  • fixed issue with 'priority' settings in manifest
  • added screenshots


@everyone - I've added in visibility settings for subgroups.  It's quite complicated with all of the recursion necessary to make things work.  Please test it out.

  • @Ed - I've thrown up some screenshots.  Though as a rule, I don't address bug reports of the "it's not working" variety.  At least tell me why you think it's not working please.

  • how about "it be broke?"......just kidding, gonna take this for a spin and see how it works, think it might be just what i need to finish my site and go live.....

  • sweet, sub-groups to sub-groups, it is exactly what i needed, recommended.......nice job Matt

  • Hi, i have installed this plugin and im happy with the results. We have a church community with several locations. For every physical location I have created a separate group with its sub-groups that represent groups of volunteer. We as site administrators have setup these location groups (we are owner), created the sub-groups and delegated maintenance of sub-groups to local group-coordinators. I have now some suggestions:

    1. Adding a user to a sub-group is in your design only allowed when the user is also added to the parent-group. The result for our setup is that adding an existing user to a sub-group requires involvement from the main admin for adding the user first to the parent group and then the sub-group coordinator to add the user to the sub-group. So the whole idea of delegation of administrative tasks is gone. Maybe the parent group restiction can be made configurable (choose a option to allow or automatic add user to parent group).
    2. Deleting a group also removes sub-groups. Maybe it could be a configurable setting to not allow deletion when their are sub-groups. This to prevent someone to delete a whole organisation.
    3. Last one. Sub-groups are now a pure hierarchical structure. We also see some usefull application for other relations between groups like a sub-group with multiple parent-groups. For example sub-groups can have relations with each other based on shared interests. In our situation each location (group) has a sub-group which focus on Liturgy. We would also like to group all the "Liturgy" groups under a central "Liturgy" group in addition to the organisational structure.

    Im aware that maybe some of these ideas are too complex to implement. We are happy with your work. Im also thinking on how to show the hierarchy using a tree view like technology. I think Google Chart Tools api can be usefull.



  • @Tauvic - Thanks for the feedback, here are my thoughts

    1. I see the issue, however the idea of a subgroup is that it's a subset of members of a parent group.  So adding users to a subgroup without adding them to the parent group doesn't make any sense.  Automatically adding a user to the parent group of a subgroup could make sense, but it is a potential work-around for the group membership permissions of the group.  If a group requires approval for membership, what is to stop someone from inviting a friend into a subgroup which automatically adds them to the parent group and bypasses the approval process?
    2. I see nothing wrong with this as it is.  Deleting a group with subgroups is a multi-step process, it's not something that could be done by accident.
    3. Absolutely, there's plenty of interesting possibilities.  Complex does not always equal impossible, but usually equals fun and interesting (from my perspective anyway)!
  • It would be wonderful to rearrange the "group-subgroup" parental relationship, as in drupal. For example: i have a group called Do it Yourself that have 3 ou 4 subgroups of specific diy projects. But now I decided that Do it Yourself should be hierarquically under "Education and Learning", a new Category.

    Is it already available this option or is it easy to develop? 

  • It's not possible in the plugin as-is but shouldn't be hard to add

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