AU Subgroups v1.0

Release Notes:

Initial Release

  • ura soul

    a quick test.. i see that this is not functioning with the pagehandler hijack plugin, which i have used to change groups to an other label.

  • Matt Beckett

    Yes, unfortunately parts of it rely on the 'route' hook utilized in pagehandler hijack, so they are incompatible currently.  The problem is actually with pagehandler hijack, not this.

    If you want to try to make them compatible it's a case of needing to trigger the route plugin hook with the original parameter while pagehandler hijack has control.  For example if you renamed groups to clubs, then in the hook for 'route', 'clubs' you need to translate clubs => groups and re-trigger the hook with 'groups' instead of 'clubs'.

  • José Luis Ramírez

    When I transfer the group ownership to a non-admin user, he or she can't create subgroups.

  • Matt Beckett

    @Jose - I just re-tested that scenario, and the non-admin user could create subgroups.  Tested both with the transfer of the top level group, as well as the transfer of a subgroup.  You'll have to provide me with more information.  Are you using group_tools to perform the group ownership transfer?

  • kisssssss4ever

    Sounds great plugin, gonna test, please experts try to make a Poke plugin I am sure that would be a very small plugin with just couple of files. Grateful if you can make a Poke plugin for elgg as well :)

  • José Luis Ramírez

    Matt, yes, I'm using Group Tools 2.3 with the Allow group owner transfer option in Site Admin Only; also I'm using the Limit the creation of groups to Site administrators option.

  • Matt Beckett

    also I'm using the Limit the creation of groups to Site administrators option.

    So problem solved right?

  • José Luis Ramírez

    Well, Matt, is a bug. But now I understand that is from Group Tools and not yours.

    Awesome plugin!

  • RJ (Arvixe)


    This is a totally awesome plugin! It will help many people and some crazy ideas I have in my mind.

    Thanks! Recommended!

  • Matt Beckett

    @Jose - I wouldn't consider that a bug.  You've told the system not to allow non-admins to create groups.  Subgroups are groups themselves, so it is correct in not letting your non-admin user create a subgroup.

  • Matt Beckett

    @RJ - thanks, there's been a couple of attempts at a good subgroups plugin but nothing that I've seen that worked correctly.  Hopefully I've upped the ante for subgroups integration in Elgg  :)

  • ura soul

    @matt: i'll leave any changes here to you, since you know the code of both and i do not.. 3 hours for me or 10 minutes for you.. maybe. :)

  • Ed

    Can you provide some images of how this plugin is supposed to behave on group pages? It doesn't seem to work correctly for me but I'm not sure exactly how without seeing it in action.

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