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Can now delete record of a view

  • Please if you could put all the documentation of these softwares(elgg, themes, plugins, etc.) into ebook for download I think it would be very helpful. Many people download elgg and have problem installing, configuring, modifying, activating plugins, etc. There is no downloadable ebook that acompanies the software to help users. Thanks

  • Thats a lot to ask of me, Im only a minor contributor!

    Seriously though, there is an elgg 1.8 book on amazon written by Cash Costelloe.

    Elgg docs aren't great, but the community will help you out if you post problems. I found studying the bundled blog and file plugins better than any documentation. Also, I noticed you are using facebook theme, I wouldn't use that or other themes trying to copy the facebook layout. There are plenty of great themes that stick to the traditional elgg layout.

  • Michele, we'll forgive your showing off since you're Italian :P

  • Its good, I recommended. Is there a way to do a "Whos Online" Plugin? Showing current users online and maybe what they are doing throughout the site?

  • Easily done @michele. I'll put this on github soon and those interested can get started on extra features. 

    @kimberly - is this what u are looking for? http://community.elgg.org/plugins/859908/1.0/online-user-status-elgg-18x

  • @Mark - That just puts a green circle on a image if someone is online, and I am talking about a list of all the online users currently with like a large avatar, and maybe a button to send private message or add as friend. Would be cool if the list actually showed what each user was doing on the elgg at that time like vbulletin but thats probably alot more complex to do.

  • @Michelle that online user status is different from what referring to, but that plugin doesn't even work anymore with elgg 1.8.9+ so webgalli needs to update that one, I had used it prior to 1.8.9 and it worked but after the upgrades, it wasn't working properly.

  • The green dot plugin works nicely (Elgg 1.8.13 and it worked fine on my previous 1.8.12). You can go to Members and there you see which members have the green dot. If the green dot doesn't work for you Kim, then I doubt it's because of your upgrade.  

    Another idea is Freichat. The admin can configure Freichat to display all logged in users, rather than just "my friends" and there you see who's on line and instantly chat. The avatar doesn't appear in Freichat (for me) but the username does.

    As for keeping track of what someone else is doing, notifier has a setting for that. You can choose which people you want to "monitor".

  • Got the green dot to appear finally, I know I had this working before but then it died, I am thinking I had a plugin that wasn't working right that caused an issue with it, whatever the case, I got it working again, but a "Whos Online" menu item with a list of current users online with photos, and way to contact them would be a cool idea.

  • Members Online is a tab you have. If you click on the arrow of the avatar of a particular member, the "send message" option should appear by default. If it doesn't appear for you, look into that. With Members Online tab and the send message option on the avatar, you'd have what you need ;)

  • adc

    another fantastic plugin Mark. thank you:-)

  • Hello Mark,

    I've been using this plugin for a while but after upgrading to latest version of Ellg 1.8.16 every visitor have been visiting me 15892 days ago. How can I get the true number of days?

    Best regards

    Arne Johansson

  • I too found the same problem.. the date function of elgg has changed i suppose.. same 15892 days ago is shown in my installation too.. how to change this?


  • I have the same problem as well!

  • same problem need fix asap please or is there another plugin that works better? how can i just remove the days bit? a good effort would like to keep the plugin and just get rid of exactly when someone visited the profile just shows they visited : )

  • Disable the line 17 of code: //echo $date; 


  • thanks for that now the plugin can be used! ^_^

  • Thanks !! This is the French Translation :

    $french = array(
    'whoviewedme' => "Qui a consulté mon profil",
    'whoviewedme:nobody' => "Personne n'a récemment consulté votre profil."

    add_translation('fr', $french);

  • Fix ahead ;)

    @Gonzalo: commenting out a function doens't realy fixes a problem ;-)

    @Satheesh: No Elgg date function changed, Elgg uses the standard UNIX Epoch which counts the seconds since 00:00:00 GMT on January 1st 1970.

    The problem here is that the relationship ID which is tried to be fetched here just doesn't exist, so instead of giving you the proper date, it gives you the default date 00:00:00 1/1/1970 which was exactly 15892 days ago when you tried out this plugin and gave your reply here.

    Anyway, I was just trying to explain how it worked, that is wasn't elgg date related and why those days were standing there, here is a small fix to get it working:

    replace the line:

    $relationship = get_relationship($ent->id);


    $relationship = check_entity_relationship($ent->guid, "viewed", elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid());
  • Hi mark.thanks for this plugin.is there any way to activate this to selected users only?or is there a plugin that i can combine for the feature

  • you could use the role framework for this

  • thanks dries... will look into this :)

  • Works great, but is there any way where users can disable or enable this feature?

    Some users may do not want to show to other users that he/she has viewed the profile.

    I saw in some dating sites, its a paid kind of features. The Paid users can enable or disable this Who Viewed Me option in their profile settings so that they can view profile secretly.

    Possible to do this thing in this plugin? Or at least enable disable option so that users can select any option.

    That would be a real plus point in this plugin, please Author reply if you can make it possible or someone else can do it :)


  • wow this is old but i think it's a nice feature someone might pick this up and fix it for newer versions of elgg ...


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