AU Random Content Widget v1.1

Release Notes

Fixed bug when number of results is set to 1


  • Very usefull and thx 4 the update. It would be perfect, if one coud *rename* the single random widgets, in the dashboard, maybe some kind of titel field.


  • Widget Manager allows you to rename any widget, no sense reinventing the wheel  :)

  • This is a great widget Matt, I have been using it for awhile. Only problem really is that it will pull content that is private. Meaning, if someone uploads a photo album, for friends only with their private pictures, it will still randomely select those types and display, is there a way to make this widget only use public content, because I like the random images/videos option to be checkmarked but not if its showing someones hidden photos on other profiles, lol.

    One other thing, I noticed in my error log, and I am using elgg 1.8.13 maybe you can check into this error that is repeated over and over: [11-Feb-2013 06:04:19] PHP WARNING: 2013-02-11 06:04:19 (EST): "ksort() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given" in file /home/mysite/public_html/mod/au_random_content_widget/views/default/widgets/au_random_content/edit.php (line 13)

    If you can update I would be very grateful, this is definetly one of my fav. widgets.

  • If you are seeing private content it's because you are logged in as an admin.  This plugin does not circumvent access controls, it shows you only stuff you are allowed to see.

  • Hi Matt. Good work!

    I have a litlle problem. I want to show more than 10 items in your widget but dosen't works.

  • A little trick with this widget.

    I use in my site the widget manager to display the homepage. Plugin that shows many different types of content itself but, for example, not displays a widget for videos (videolist).

    That you can get with this magnificent "Random Widget". The truth is that you can show the windows you want each with their own content. The issue "random" is not a problem because you can set a short time, a week for example, and show only the new content.

    If I have not explained well you have an example of a widget only for VideoList in my website.

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