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Initial Release

  • Thanks Matt for the plugin. Good idea. I first set the number of items to be displayed to 5 and then reduced the number to 1. But it kept displaying more than one. Could there be a issue there? Also how often is the view refreshed (every time you manually refresh the page or)? regs.


  • this is very helpful as there are object types that  don't have widgets that work, for example, with widget manager. and this one does.. so i can display content that didn't have a widget..

    one issue i am seeing is that when i use this widget for groups, the objects that are displayed are not specifically for that group. 

    an additional 'nice to have' is footer links - for 'view more' or 'add more' that are relative to the object type that is chosen for the widget - which could perhaps be done by adding a field to store an 'add path' to the widget.. 
    this could be an omni-widget maybe? i don't know why this is not already in the core.

    thumbs up :)

  • Thanks Matt, Your Plugins are great and on the pointl! Also a big thx to the Athabasca University for their opensource mind.


  • Thanks everyone.

    @iso - You are correct, there is a bug if you select to display only 1 item.  Thanks for the report, it will be fixed.

    @ura - the widget isn't intended to be group-specific.  The intent is to provide a window of surreptitious discovery of content from throughout the site.  Users tend to bubble themselves to specific feeds and friends, this is to promote other areas of exploration.

  • i see ok.. cyberspace is open for an omniwidget for groups. :)

  • Sounds good plugin, but no screen shots or demo that's why I just don't understand what is this all about?

    Which content this plugin shows? Where on the site etc?

    Would appreciate if get more info or a demo, then after that I would like to see if that is useful for me or not :)

    Kindest Regards

Matt Beckett

I'm a self-employed web developer, family man, nerd, scuba diver. Manager/maintainer of this elgg community site, and core Elgg development team member.

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