Language Packs v2.0

Release Notes


  • New language pack format (more compact metadata instead of XML manifests)
  • Selection of languages and plugins when importing and exporting language packs
  • Delete action to remove selected language packs on selected plugins from the system

This version is meant to work with the latest version of the Elgg Translation Portal.


  • The Elgg Translation Portal is here.

  • will this plugin enable site user/visitors choose a preferred lanuage to view the site?

  • you can use this:
    and the language selector plugin to do that.

    i'm not sure how the 3 plugins interact.. or if the features overlap and conflict in any way. 

  • Hi, @Federico, I've registered to your portal, but I can't see any means to import my existing translations (in fact, I would like to merge them with the already present translations - two translations for the same string should result in a selectable list offering choice between alternatives, one translation at either side should set itself as the one and only available translation string, and no translations at all should behave normally... waiting to be translated). 

    In fact, an online translation memory would be the best, even for other projects than Elgg. Have you taken a look at OmegaT (the translation memory tool, offline, extremely unfriendly user interface, but good mechanisms to merge translations of multiple versions of the same project). Making that tool online and collaborative would be a great help to the cause of internationalization in general!

  • Hi Daniel Füleki

    Thanks for your comment! The idea of translation memory was new to me and I think it could be a very interesting development for ReGlot.

    Regarding adding a new translation, this is only available as an admin function. At the moment I need to import translations myself. Also we cannot really have multiple translations side by side to choose from, as ReGlot does not offer the feature of translation memory. So, what we can do is add your translation as a separate translation and  users can export your translation directly. If you contact me via email (I will send it as a PM) I can add whatever you need to the portal...


  • Hello,

    It is this plugin still alive ?

    I have traduce some messages in french into your portal, traductions are still waiting for few weeks.


  • Hi there, yes, it's alive and kicking. There just isn't anybody who manages the French language! Would you like to be an Admin for French?


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