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Release Notes

-Filtering file types. Admin can choose which he can allow.

-No themes conflicts

-No plugins conflicts

-Files plugin required


I made this plugin because there have been tons of requests since elgg 1.7 to filter MIME Types. It might not be the 'prettiest' code but it works.

The file has to be uploaded before filtering. This is standard for filtering file types. I was planning to filter via browser, but it is widely recommended to rely on the server, rather than on the web browser.

Ideally, a Flash Uploader will be better, 'cause you could 'hide' non-allowed files. But this works.

I will add more MIME types in a week.

  • Finally, I could fix the release version!

    Comments are welcome. Keep in mind that you must make sure elgg detects mime type properly. If not, this plugin will not work at all.


  • how to remove download this button on file page!!!!!

    plz help

  • I like this plugin rj but ofcourse I would like to share my thoughts on it as well:) Thinking/being a user I would like to think in file types as a user meaning not in actual file extensions but type of files eg. I want to prohibit images because I use tidypics so I expect all kinds of image extensions to be blocked if I configure that. Or video's eg all video extensions are prohibited because I only use the video plugin for saving drivespace reasons or I only want documents so all other extensions are blocked and only .doc,.docx,.pdf,.txt,.ode etc. In short I would like to be able to configure types and not file extensions though ofcourse it would be nice if I could manage the extensions belonging to the types I just mentioned to keep it 100% configurable :) It is just a thought, this plugin is a great start to configure what is acceped as a file upload, thanks!

  • File extensions is the best way to filter uploads. I know and I understand, in fact the best way to do this is either using Java or Flash based uploader.

    A top reason why I didn't enhance this plugin is that I don't see much interest from elgg users, so it is here so that anyone can grab it, enhance it and upload his own version. Just like I did with the Google docs files we developed, someone grabbed and enhanced it and was awesome.


  • Actually there is much interest!
    How to restrict uploads to certain file types only?

    For example, the current module (tested with Elgg 1.9.6) may not let you upload MS doc files or Excel files but lets you upload .txt files (which I may want to filter out)  or let you upload large zip files.

    It will be really handy and immensely useful if this cool plugin allows the site super admin to

    - set the file extensions or types that are allowed to be uploaded only, rather than choosing from dropdowns - it will be easier to add, say, jpeg, jpg, gif, pdf, mp3, flv etc in the settings page in a textfield
    - set the max size possible at one upload ( single or multiple files)
    - set the max number of files upload-able at one time, either by core Files or any other mod that uses core Files, for example if there is attempt to upload 100 files at a single time, there will be an error message "upload 10 files only at a time"


    Thanks for this plugin and looking forwards for updates

  • with Elgg 1.9.6 it is allowing forbidden file types also - for example in admin settings I have set MS word "No" but it still allows MS word files to be uploaded

  • @dranii This is not compatible with elgg 1.9 yet

  • That is a shame. The File plugin that is bundled with Elgg doesn't have a settings feature. I do want them to be able to share certain files but without any settings for restrictions isn't it a huge security risk if people can upload files without any restriction?

    From what I can tell 1.9 has been out for a while and 1.10r1 is now available so I hope there is something I can use that will only allow certain file types and sizes to be uploaded.

    For videos I would prefer they upload them to sites like youtube etc and only link or embed them within Elgg.



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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2020-5-5
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