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if (elgg_is_active_plugin('blaw')) {

elgg_register_menu_item('page', array(

'name' => 'Blaw-Host Images', 'text' => elgg_view_icon('Blaw-Host Images') . elgg_echo('Blaw-Host Images'), 'href' => "/mod/blaw/index.php", 'contexts' => array('dashboard'),




Not to put image visualization, you can see installed and worked without problems.

  • We host images up to 0.08MB in file size

    Is that right?  That seems awfully small.

  • I don't understand this plugin. You should upload screen shots. I went to your site and it appears to be broken.

  • I can not upload on thhat even a very small image in few kb's..

    2nd thing what this plugin does? It will will our elgg site a power where users can host images? 

    Kind of lost for this plugin...

    Matt Beckett & rjcalifornia you both are right... I agree...

    Please author explain a bit more :)

  • * this is not a real elgg plugin ! i checked the code ;) i am surprised that the revered elgg admins have yet to wake up and delete this piece of 'thing' that is defacing the plugin repo & forum ! perhaps standards for acceptance are changing.


  • Indeed...

    Look we are not bashing against you or your skills, but these plugins are 'iframe' plugins which are not very helpful in elgg.

    You cannot make a plugin that requires connecting to your site. This is not good! It is like a spyware

  • Friends Elggs:

    First of all let's define what a plugin, ok?
    The host application provides services which the plug-in can use, including a form of the extension register itself in the host application and a protocol for exchanging information between them. The plugins rely on such services, and generally do not work on their own. Conversely, the host application is independent, so you can add and update plugins dynamically, without the need to make changes to the host application itself.

    Videos Youtube: 

    1-When do you download a video from you tube, where are your files?
    on Not on your site!


    When you do an upload of an image in where are your pictures?
    Not on your site!

    3-There are several plugins and several who are installed at many sites and also are iframes: Ex Multiplayer games.E many who do not want to mention because I think who are correct.


    4-The site Jeguit Network: has no provenance virus, which you can analyze why some tool who knows. Eg.

    Green Verdict Image

    Testamos este site e não encontramos nenhum problema relevante.


    5.1-In Blaw we just want to give opportunity to others (elgg programmers) to provide more services to its users. And are not all that has a domain and a host unlimited, it is called sharing, which belongs to the No. 1 goal of our site: Jeguit Network.

    5.2-I agree with you all that technerd flees the idea of a little plugin, just one more attempt to bring more developers. If someone is interested I do have a website where you can manage, we do not have selfishness as dogma, we have only the idea of approximation and my dream would be to have the ability to integrate all elggs.Se you have a plugin that I can use within their servers. I appreciate the heart of you.

    5.3-JR california: The site is not this nothing broken. The problem may be the number of accesses and schedule. The site is working perfectly!

    5.4-Matt-We changed the script for images of up to 1MB


    The plugin is not mandatory, only courtesy of jeguit network. Study all the plugins and will exterminate quarter for using iframes. If you want you can replace the Blaw, on a site of your own, feel free!
    mod / Blaw / views / default / Blaw / and change the URL if not enjoyed!
    Already had several problems with the elgg plugins here, including some erased all the contents of the server. Thanks to the good God saved me Backup done daily and yet never complained about anything.


    You will be totally disgusted. Plugin has all the arguments you need for your installation:
    views / default......etc
    The iframe or URL can be exchanged for your own site or service, the idea would be to share, join, forming a larger chain, greater union of programmers.

    It has also the property has its provenance information, and has good intention. If you do not want to not install it on your server.

    5.7-RvR-Whatever exists can not be fictitious. Real, real, real. Why not disable the plugin or change to a url of your provenance? Disinformation realiza.Voce saddens those who have any project on your server I can use? would greatly appreciate it.

    5.8-RjCalifornia.I appreciate the way that expresses their values, it shows the respect we all have to have for each other. The plugin is not obrigatorio.e always say that being a courtesy to our site.Nao have an interest in seeing their files and not to be talked to sempre.Pode missing money! If there were 100 plugins if I could use their servers seriously and not as a boy, I'd be grateful! thanks for your criticism!


    6-The pipiou also made our own, this Twitter's servers and were performed with proper authorization ,without commercial or financial linkages, Share informations and news just the same.


    His images are stored in a file that only competent people who do not have an interest in spying on your website. Simply courtesy of jeguit network.

    Our servers are located in Santa Rosa, USA ( and has all the means to fight virus and others that could affect our archives.

    As plugins are just courtesies, not lords who would be forced instalassem on their websites, just disable it if not please.

    No guarantee that your images will last forever, as we have more conditions to afford it, the server space it'll be ok.


    8-the team's Jeguit Network thanks all the criticisms and suggestions, I'm always meets them at any time.

  • japesquisei

    Well, ok:

    1. I just wanted that, an explanation. You should explain further in the description of the plugin

    2. Add screenshots. This is very helpful. Not mandatory but it is helpful

    3. I have an 'iframe' ish plugin. It is the Contact Form Plugin. I have nothing against them, the issue was that it wasn't well explained.

    4. I am glad that you offer image hosting services. The only issue that will prevent someone from using it will be the 1 MB limit. My camera takes 3 or 4 MB pictures, at its lowest quality.

    5. When I accesed the site, the plugin was broken. It seems to be ok now.

    6. Appreciatte the effort, but again, you should add screenshots. It helps new elgg users :)

  • Increased the capacity of 4MB per photo, I hope it serves its purpose.
    Do you know how to connect to a site elgg EX: "Login with Facebook"
    Would you like to "elgg login with" "comment in wordpress" -


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 818
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