Basic Light v2013.03.17

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- Updated to Elgg 1.8.14

  • Hi..everything is fine except header content..tpbar menu items overlaped to the Site's name..need to resize site name to remove this overlapping can i do this?plz suggest..

  • Find the file css/elements/typography.php and edit,

    .elgg-heading-site, .elgg-heading-site:hover {


  • Thank you so much...............u hve made the perfect theme........greatful to you......!!!!!

  • Having problem with recent pics using widget manager!  When your basic light is activated it makes the recent pics widget on dashboard become one column but when i disable the basic light is corrects the problem and puts the pictures in grid form!!!! 

  • @LT Open views/defualt/phothos/css.php and find,

    .tidypics-gallery-widget > li {

    set width to 67px;

  • I would suggest 69px as defined in the original CSS of Tidypics (at least defined my my Tidypics version). :-)

    It might also be worth checking what else is different between the CSS of Tidypics used in the Basic light theme and in the original Tidypics CSS. There might have been other changes in the meantime...

  • @gillie Made those changes already as said by @iionly but still had problem and tried other themes and it only does it when your them is active!

  • @LT: have you flushed the site cache after you made the change to get the changes being taken into account? If this also doesn't help you might try to complete replace the content of the Basis Light theme photo CSS with the content of the Tidypics CSS file to see if this makes a difference. If it works then you would only need to check what is different between the two files and merge the changes into one working CSS file, e.g. using the colors defined by Basic Light to fit the general look of the site etc.

  • Hi there, I really love this simple effective theme but since I use it as a village community theme I would like to 'break' the white background with a watermark-like image of a specific village part. Would be really great if I could use a different image for different pages eg. the river-page has image A as watermark background and Group(s) page shows image B and so on.

    Thanks in advance, Eric

  • Mmzzzz might be usefull to add the question as well hihi My question is; is there an easy way to accomplish this and if so how? Any help would be appreciated.

  • @Eric Create a new plugin to handle it. As a start you can download this plugin which adds a random bg image to registration page.

    Then you can use elgg context to do what you want.

  • Hi gillie, thank you for your response. Does it have to be with a pugin or is it also possible to 'add' some photo's hard-coded to some pages ?

  • @Eric It is not advisable. You should read this: Dont Modify Core.


  • @gillie Figured out the issue the photos/css.php

    .tidypics-gallery-widget > li {
    width: 100%;

    is what was causeing the vertical align of pictures so just removed it and works fine now!

    Also wanted to know if the mobile view of this theme is it only available thru paid theme cause on ur demo page looks great but doesn't adjust that way with this plugin?

  • @LT Yes the demo only shows paid themes.

  • Thanks gillie, makes good sense. Another website of mine uses GLfusion for a CMS and they make use of 'custom' folders where one can put adjusted files making sure things do not get messed up when upgrading. Using seperate plugins is a little bit more work but with similar effect.

  • @gillie I know it shows paid themes what i'm asking is the mobile view is that only for the paid version or is it suppose to work on the light version too?  Cause the mobile view doesn't show like it does on your demo!

  • @LT Basic Light is not a responsive theme.

  • @gillie what is changing the format that makes it mobile friendly on the demo page???

  • @gillie why does the mobile view look different on the demo page?

  • @LT Do you expect me to build one of my paid products for you, right here?

    There's a lot of information floating around on the web that will show you how to implement responsiveness to whatever theme you use.

    I realize now that the concept of full/light version is wrong and confusing. I will avoid that in the future.

  • I guess u mid under stood all my questions!!!

    Like i asked in first question is the mobile view part of the paid basic light! You didn't answer so I asked what is making the demo site to show in mobile view theme????

  • So my question is the premium basic offer the mobile theme view?  Cause based on ur last comment I'm assuming it does!!!

  • @LT Theme Basic is a paid product and it's responsive.

    Like i asked in first question is the mobile view part of the paid basic light!

    Theme Basic Light is not responsive. There's no paid version of Basic Light, it's free.

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