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This plugin has several networking & misc tools. See desc for more.

by Luny
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Let me start by saying that I did not create any other the tools within this plugin. I only made it so they could be a ported into plugin. Credits go to TheWorldsEnd.NET for the ping and traceroute script. I do not remember were the other scripts came from, but they were freely released under the GPL.

I would NOTuse these scripts on any live production site because there is no sort of security here. No user input is sanatized or filtered, so XSS attacks & more are quite possible. If you do plan on using these, Before data is output I would filter input by setting a variable with str_replace in an array with characters to replace, followed by running it through preg_replace, and finally html_entity_decode, then outputting.


The scripts:

Resolve hostname - Enter a url to resolve to an ip and host.

Md5 hash generator - Enter text to generate it to a md5 hash

Whois lookup - Enter a domain name or ip to get the whois domain info on what you entered.

Traceroute - Enter an IP or domain to show routers (the number of hops) that it took to get the packets there and their IP addresses.




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