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Adds plugin setting to restrict usage of rssimport to administrators only

  • please tutorial by video how to create this plugin "RSS Import for Elgg 1.8"

  • Is it possible to show the rss imports onto the activity page?

  • I disabled adding to activity as there's the potential to create a whole lot of content with this plugin, and have it running on cron.  I wouldn't want to have my activity feed be completely overrun with a bunch of automated content additions - it would completely drown out anything else going on on the site.

  • Hey Matt, haven't tried the plugin yet (planning to), but wondering if it's possible to have it import only first 50 or description of the rss, then the link to original article.

    I'd like to use this as news reader for my site, importing local news from specific local sites -- yet not import entire content. Thanks!

  • There's no out-of-the-box setting for it, but it can be achieved if you want to fork the plugin by adding a simple elgg_get_excerpt() wrapper around the saved object descriptions

  • Hi, this plugin is very great.

    I just needed to customize it because I needed to import rss feeds into "news" and "event" subtypes.

    However there is a little problem related to the cron process => the "rssimport_import_feeds" function is called every minute from "he rssimport_cron" function.

    I saw that fortuitously in the access_logs of the website used to test the rss import.

    Why there is a problem : the cron task is registered for "all" periods (in start.php), and in the called function the param $params['period'] is always empty (lib/functions.php in rssimport_cron function)

    ==> the period is not in $params['period'] (or not anymore), but in the "$entity_type" param.

    It can be resolved by simply replacing in "rssimport_cron" function "'value' => $params['period']"  by "'value' => $entity_type"


    Additionally an aptimisation would be to control that the period ($entity_type) is in ('hourly', 'daily', 'weekly') at the beginning of the "rssimport_cron" function => if not, no need to continue and making an sql request for a period that is not autorized in the plugin config.

    Or better, in start.php, only register a cron task for the minimum period accepted in the plugin config, so the function will be called only for this minimum accepted period.

    What's your opinion ?

  • Thanks for the report, I'll look into it.

  • Hello Matt,

    I get this error:

    PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function get_uri() on a non-object in *******/elgg/mod/rssimport/lib/simplepie-1.3.php on line 8778

    Can you help me to fix it?

    I'm running it on a Linux server.

  • @grakoo - most likely an issue with the rss feed.  That error is coming from simplepie which parses the rss feed


    @Michele - I've updated the url to the repo, all of the plugins I did for athabasca university have been transfered to their account so a lot of the urls are probably out of date.  In terms of maintaining it, kinda not really, I will if I have time, but that's lacking lately.

  • no problem, if you make any improvements to the plugin feel free to submit them to the repo though

  • works great with elgg 1.9


  • Great Matt

    in archive '/rssimport/actions/delete.php'  

    I´ve found:  get_loggedin_userid() is deprecated by elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid()


     if ($rssimport instanceof ElggObject && get_loggedin_userid() != $rssimport->owner_guid) {

      if ($rssimport instanceof ElggObject && elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid() !=
                    $rssimport->owner_guid) {



    ps. it is not working in elgg 1.11 yet



  • To solve the problem related by @grakoo

    PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function get_uri() on a non-object in *******/elgg/mod/rssimport/lib/simplepie-1.3.php on line 8778

    I have updated the '\rssimport\lib\simplepie-1.3.php' archive with the new code obtained in:


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