Release Notes

 - added support for friendlier/translatable curl errors

 - forces rssimport objects to ACCESS_PRIVATE

 - turns 'undo import' link into an action button

  • If using to migrate pages, this would flatten the hierarchy, no? Is the workflow to migrate a large number items involve creating Elgg feed URLs with offsets?

    Can this be completely locked down to admins only?

  • @Steve - currently yes it would flatten the hierarchy, but Elgg doesn't provide any rss feed (that I can find) that shows subpages anyway.  One could easily be written I suppose, but this wasn't intended as a migration tool, it just seems to sort of fit that bill.  To import a large number of items I would probably write an rss view that listed a lot more than 10 items, and further back I guess you'd have use url offsets.

    As with anything, it can be locked down to admins at the code level - I don't have that in any of the settings but shouldn't be hard to add in after the fact.

  • @Matt Beckett Is there a way to use this plugin in combination with RSSFeed widget? i.e. to use your plugin as the data (or RSS) source for the Elgg's RSSFeed widget? Regards.

  • @isoguci - that doesn't make much sense, this plugin acts pretty much the same as the rssfeed widget only it saves the rss feeds as site content.  This plugin doesn't serve any rss data on its own.

  • @Matt Beckett I found your plugin very useful for the main reason of performance improvement.

    I think your idea can be used to radically improve the performance of RSSFeed widget. As far as I can see, currently RSSFeed widget has a real time refresh link with the data source. Elgg cache helps, but up to a point. Several RSSFeed widgets on a page is a performance killer. I am just contemplating whether your buffering code could be used to code a new "RSSFeed" which would:

    - read the RSS feed from a local buffer (like your plugin), instead of having a real-time refresh connection to the RSS source.

    - let you specify the refresh intervals of the buffer for each RSS source and its display on the widget.

    Just contemplating. I might give it a try sometime, when I feel more comfortable with plugins.


  • Oh, I see what you're saying.  The caching for the rss feed is part of the simplepie library, I just utilized it.  It could (and probably should) be done the same for other rss feeds.

  • sorry, not work. I see a blank page when I add an RSS feed

  • Hi

    I have install this plugin on my site but the scheduled import does not work correctly. I set an import hourly import the RSS feeds into my web site but after a day nothing imported. Can you helo me?

  • Infact I did not do that. Thanks. I just copy the settings there on my settings file. Is this OK?

    Thanks a lot.


  • No, cron is a server setting.  You need to set that up on your server to trigger the scripts at the correct intervals.  The instructions are on that page, if you don't understand them you need to talk to your server admin.

  • OK

    I meant my server crontab setting file not my elgg setting file.

    It works correctly now thanks again. That is a nice module.

  • Very good plugin thank you. IIt would be great for RSS import to have its own widget like RSS feed. And even greater if settings could be set per occurance of widget.

  • Great plugin,

    I changed the import functionality to allow style attributes on embedded images.

    function rssimport_simplepie_feed($url) {
    $cache_location = rssimport_set_simplepie_cache();

    $feed = new SimplePie();
    $feed->strip_attributes(array_diff($feed->strip_attributes, array('style'))); // Tauvic


    return $feed;


  • Hi,

    Another addition is the ability to set the number of days (weeks, months) to keep an imported item. This can be done with an expiry date so items can be marked and will be automaticly removed by the builtin garbage collector after a period of time. This to prevent filling the database with to much data.

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