Share Maps v1.8.7.1

Release Notes

- Fixed bug when creating maps - Fixed bug on saving map objects - Fixed bug on group view - Added option for creating maps on groups

Thanks to Javier for contribution

  • If I want to share a google map, it is not displaying. My Browser is telling me that it is not displaying the iframe content, because the X-Frame-Options are set to SAMEORIGIN.

    This is probably because of google itself, right?


    If you do not just copy+paste the link of the map but use the share/embed map button, kill away the iframe stuff and just take the link out of it, it works. A bit complicated this way. Maybe there is an easier solution?


    My fault. Did not see that you already provided an image "how to" hovering

  • For me, Comments and Likes don´t work with sharemaps!

    At all other plugins(blogs, Events, your classifieds-plugin) the comments and likes load fine via ajax. Only at sharemaps, the browser tries to load a complete new page: "" with no content (just white)

    At first I thought it is an issue with hypeInteractions or hypeLists..But as the comments are loaded corretly for all other plugins, I wonder why it does not work for me with sharemaps?

    I am using elgg 1.9.8


  • I can see the comments in the river(hypewall) but not in sharemaps.
    Could it be that the Googlemaps integration leads on this page to problems when loading the comments?

    I think people like to discuss their created maps. So any help to solve this issue would be awesome for me:)


  • For now I have just outcommented

    $content .= elgg_view_comments($sharemaps);

    in mod/sharemaps/pages/sharemaps/view.php

    But would still be cool to make comments available again someday


  • @Basti Schmidt: which Elgg version are you using.... 1.8 or later?

  • 1.9.8

    Thanks for your help. I really like this Plugin :)


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