Release Notes

- Added the οption to upload gpx files (directly from GPS Trackers) - Fixed security issue for uploaded files (thanks to Matt Beckett) - Fixed issue for displaying maps for non-public posts and walled garden sites - Map display code moved from pages to object view - Changed icon of post to owner icon - Several code improvements

  • Seem to work nicely, thanks a lot of the update!

  • Somehow it always shortly shows a view of crete (greece) before loading a .kml? How can that be changed? It is quite noticeable if the .kml files are rather large.



  • @Krischan: for quick solve this, just change the coords of default location at file assets/kml.js

    I will implement a better solution in next release, normally soon (with 1.9 compatibility)

  • Interesting, thanks
    However, I don't think google is using that embed option anymore. I quickly tried with their new URL and it doesn't work.

    What would make it really cool, is if there would be another option to just type and autocomplete a location which it then views on the map.

  • @Dries: yes, you are right about Google URL, I noticed this change some days ago. But it works if you copy/paste the URL from iframe option.

    About your suggestion for autocomplete location, it's on my todo list, hopefully will implement something like that soon

  • i am testing this here.. i liked the idea.. so far though, every attempt to use it has created a bug.

    when i upload .kmz files, the resulting lines on the map are always broken/incorrect (i do not know why).
    the mapengine format is not accepted by the plugin yet and i have not yet found the 'iframe' option that was referred to here in google maps.

    i will continue testing tomorrow.

  • Thanks for updating!

    One issue on sites using https - the file lib/lib/adapters/GoogleGeocode.class.php contains hard-coded references to

    This causes certificate errors as it's loading resources insecurely

    The fix is to remove the protocol prefix: //

  • Also you have this in the view:

    //add time parameter to load kml map

    Changing the timezone can mess up the file system in 1.8

    For example I have users whos avatars disappear on sharemaps pages due to the timezone being changed in this view.

  • @Matt Beckett: thanks for recommendations. I will take them in consideration in next release.

  • You mention updating it for 1.9 and now 1.10r1 is out. Will you be providing an update to this or have plans changed.

  • @Dan Westlake: I am working already for the new version with new features and 1.9 compatible. Unfortunately, due to limited available time the progress is slow and I can't promise when it will be released... hopefully soon


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