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Beta 0.2.. 0.8 to go until v.1.0 ;-oO I've made some changes for extra input fields, added notes for yet moare code to-do for stuff like ad-spots, coupons, ticker.. hey y'all talk to me f-e-e-d-b-a-c-k if eCommerce is important enough  for your elgg-site or ignore otherwise tee hee ;-oO;X 

  • @enkce.com: ohhhh i wish you had not mentioned 'coupon code' lolz ;-P coz now i'm designing another plugin 'embrache_nexgen_coupon_codes' to.... guess what ! hands put 'coupons' for embrache simple ommerce products and of course for any other entity - coupons which can be later used in conjunction with whatever entity it applies to - just like a real-world coupon ;-P

  • can you help me to use it... im testing on site, but when i click buy or add to cart or any button, nothing come out..please help me..im newbie


  • Please re-read above --> "..not production-ready..  Provide your feedback to help evolve this into a fully-blown PlugIn " NOT everything works fully now - in the BETA version. While in 'beta' testing - the plugin code is *evolving, changin, improving until - with help from all of you users andn your efforts - we can make this POlugIn complete and ready to be used on a production site..

  • adc

    hi Dhrup!

    a suggestion... how about enabling users to enter their own code for payment processes and ipn for each item? this would enable users to make use of any payment facility. 

    second suggestion... enable admin to set up an item for site join/subscribe and group owners to do the same for their groups.



  • Point #2 is fine
    But #1...

    Own Code:
    Can be done; but..
    allowing 'custom code' will mean the ability
    to handle an hard-ti-define situation, e.g.
    I) payment gateway #I has
            data send:=
            a, b, c, d, e
            data receive:=
            a, b, z, y, z

    II  payment gateway #II has
            data send:=
            p, q, r, s, t
            data receive:=
            p, q, j, k, l

    Then the PlugIn code logic has to be intelligent enough
    to determine what those data fields a, b, c,... j, k, l are
    and to be able to prepare from elgg - data to send and
    process at elgg - data received. The complexity of the
    code logic to do such funky processing will not be easy
    at all. ut this type of codign will be necessary..;(
    Example: (not to worry about the php variables in Spanish) :>
    'pedidos_facturas_descuento' => '+ pedidos_facturas_monto_debia * pedidos_facturas_descuento_int'    
    the point to illustrate is the *formula definition references to
    real php / {jquery} code variable field names and how those
    get might get manipulated im a very dynamic manner within
    the parsing of the arithmetic expression - the PlugIn's code
    will have to *parse any expressions in order to evaluate them
    and one cannot expect the average non-programmer user to
    happpily and casually define sich code for input.
    talks about something like this - and even a seasoned developer
    will have trouble  writing such "expression evaluators" in php
    or for that matter in any programming language ;-)

  • The key code logic to add on next beta is :- 'Cart Processing' & PayPal BuyNow button handlers (but remember- PayPal procesing code testing cannot *quite be done well with certainty of 100% correct execution because PayPal's gateway sandbox does *not cater 'almost real' processing without actual $payments almost done. This has t obe done with a real CC/PayPal account - so the complete testng means - Admin has to vecome the Store Owner and the Customer in order to test their payment processing for real ;-)

  • Thank you for sharing this preview version with us.

    It is good that it allows currency selection per listing. Weight & Shipping Weight: What is the need to have them as separate fields? Can the seller not include them in the description? Are they used in some automatic calculation or so? Likewise, what is the need to have "notes"?  It is good that we have "preview" button and the option to have the sale in auction format.

    Hopefully, it will be possible to specify some listing classifications as "paid listings" and when you have the payment module integration, hopefully for the payment of paid listings. Letting the merchandise also paid via this module is risky business. And as for the payment methods, hopefully -in addition to paypal-  it will also be possible to integrate it with some payment systems used in Europe where most people prefer bank transfers and paypal is considered as some crooks skimming people. right or wrong.

    Hope to see a working version in near future. Regs.

  • we're working on 'something' as best as can be managed and coordinated. Mark Kelly and I have discussed and plan to do some sorta mix & match of features because his recent hotz plugin Auctions/Bids and my simpleton SimpleCommerce have many aspects that are complementary and actually little that conflicts.

    To pre-empt any future clashes - we figured why not coordinate and so y'all can get the best of both plugins here @gplland ;) we like to play clean and fair ans siple with everyone ;oO

    So.. keep your eyes on both yew might want one or the other or both, your needs, choices..



  • May I make a couple of suggestions?

  • i'm considering adding a shop plugin to my site to handle digital files (ebooks and videos).. does this plugin do that? or is it purely for 'solid items'?
    so far the other shop solutions for elgg i have seen are priced at $250.. which i don't have.


  • SimpleCommerce's initial target idea *was to handle soft digital goods on elgg sites! It just does not seem obvious in the beginning stages (say thank you to the Kids on my FBFK whose ideas led to this SimpleCommerce!;oO

    Digital goods can be specific digital media as you describe and as well the WebSite *Content itself -- so that e.g. if you wanted to 'sell' access to a particular Page or a Group in your site - SimpleCommerce will allow you to do just that! This means that you do not have to specially define , upload and manage your digital goods separately, but all within the natural work-flow of SimpleCommerce.

    Publicized eCommerce solutions for elgg so far seem to have been 'rare' or 'hidden' ;-) (and @$cost). The only parts of SimpleCommerce that will be demarcated for Premium $versions are those that dea with specific detailed Payment Gateways. The simpler payment gateways interfacing are planned to just included in the GPL version -- when I get to finishing more code.

    [ for physical good the 'shipping weight' is the gross weight when packed for shipping = nett product weight + the packaging! - shippers charge for the gross weight!) ]



  • adc

    btw, custom code for processors would only require a field for the buy button code to be entered and a field to enter the return ipn code, with link to the ipn url displayed for sellers use, and a couple of fields to enter custom messages for success or failure of payment process.:-)

  • When will you have a working release for this? When you do, providing it is slick, I will send you a nice donation for your efforts. :)))

    Can't wait for the next release.

  • One more thing, rename the url from simplecommerce to store or shop so its more professional and not so branding like. I'd also like to see this with an integration to the Market Plugin. Together, I think you could make your life easier in terms of building this plugin. And good work! Just hurry up and finish it :DD

  • I think Dhrup has abondoned this plugin. No news for long...


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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