Location Autocomplete v1.0

  • that looks fun! 
    is there no easy way to override just the location field rather than the whole 'profile edit view'?
    lots of sites are using profile manager.


  • the location field needs an id so jquery can grab its text. i haven't studied profile manager, most likely users would have to edit code in profile manager

  • impressive !;-) interesting combinacion of the technologies.. me likey ;-O

    is there particular reasoning for mixing gmap v.3 & v.2 (static) ?

    PM plug integration will need the PM's metadata fieldname passed over..
    i will have a look to see how easy this might be..


  • quickie appraisal --> can either :-- a) patch LAC to detect PM and grab it's location metadata by name (will vary for *all PM installs @yr sites ) b) patch PM to use id = 'geo_location' for the chosen location meta. (ekshully *any profile edit/ display view cud just as well hook into this gmapping js & pass the reqd div id) so.. who wanna code dis up ?;-)

  • @Dhrup - Thanks:) Google Static Maps API is a different API than Google Maps API.

    I guess option b is best to get this working with PM...

  • @Mark -- yew not q. answer the exact quesn lolz ;-oO;X;P  ~~>  for what => " particular reasoning..? " was the mix of Gm v2 & v3
    @2 -- I have 'personally' liked a few PlugIns b/c of somethwangz ratonale | criteria | whatever lines I think along at the moment. But in general - there is *one criteria that always remains. And for that reasoning - I kinda likes this PlugIn ;-) My criteria ? * Simple code, Good end-results, utilitarian, useful, 'interesting' stuffs. So @MarkieMark ! Dis is-a-gud-one. Ad I migh as (try to) mentions a few others elsewhere :- EmbedExtender [tho I ha *some lil hand&sayso in it's design..;)]


  • hhmmm @dhrupp, i'll be honest, i haven't investigated why its google map v3 and staic map v2. I think they are completely different api's. I just concentrated on importing it to elgg. Glad u liked it:) Im doing lots of work with google map api so ill release something else soon:) Tho some problems with usage limits

  • Mark, why is this not compatible with the profile manager plugin? Any specific reason?

  • It requires the location input field to have an id of "location". I haven't looked through profile manager in a while though. It is possible to choose an id for a field without going into the code?


  • really like this plugin. but when i add another profile field it breaks

  • Yes it will need some coding if you want to integrate it with profile manager. On its own this plugin isn't of much practical use since so many people use profile manager, but it demonstrates how to get gmap location autocomplete working. You will need to give the input field an id of "geo_location" and use elgg_load_js to load the js libraries created in the start...

  • will giving it a name of geo_location be sufficient to then change code in the locator to name instead of id? or is id essential here? cos giving it a name in profile manager is easy to do already.

  • @jskye - I had another look at code and will release a new version in a few mins compatible with default profile and profile manager.


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