Highslide for TidyPics - modified version for TydiPics 1.8.0rc1 v1.7.1

Release Notes

Bugs corrected. Tested in my own Elgg installation using Chrome, Firefox and IE.

  • Thank you for this modified version. It works great on Elgg 1.8.8 for viewing an entire album but it doesn't work from a single picture view.

    I'll try to explain. If you click on a photo from the a wire post, you will be redirected to that single image. Then if you click on that image, tydipics used to open it a on a lightbox. It's not working anymore and gives me an error.


    Do you think it's possible to also make highslide work from the wire? When you click on one image that was posted to the wire, rather than redirect you to that image, would show it on highslide. I don't know if it's possible or not. I'm very new to Elgg. I saw that the plugin can override the image link on the album view, so maybe it could also override it on the wire post. Just a thought.


    Anyways, great modified version

  • Ramuf I'll investigate how to integrate the Highslide deploying from the Wire, but is better to ask to the Team Webgalli, de original developer of the plugin.

    • Do you cleaned the Cache before installing the plugin?
    • Do you tested in more than one browser
    • Is the plug-in in the bottom ofthe plugin list?
    • What if your current theme enabled?

    To explain better your problem, please provide the exact URI of the pages of them, screenshots, Firebug's/Chrome Web inspectro's console messages and errors, and, if possible, please mention your relevant plugins and themes enabled.

    I emphasize that the plugin works well on my own Elgg in production in Chrome, Firefox and IE. But I understand than the plug-in may not works on any other website, so, if possible, please show provide the URL of your website to see the errors and track them.


  • @Davod do you know how can I remove the name of all photos in widgets or photo albums? I want only display the photo without the name. Olso, how can I resize photo display in widgets?

    thank you

  • anybody else know how to resize images in widgets? it shows me original size 153px. It s this plugin who make this. I  ve tried all, in css, vendors - css and nothing..

    Any help is considered

  • i am making a new version of this plugin, so if anyone has any feature requests, let me know and i will consider including them.

  • @ ura soul, is it possible to get asynchronized thumnails views on album page - an example would be http://oxwall.idragonsolution.com/photo

  • if you are referring to the 'infinite scroll' feature on that page - there is already a plugin that does that for elgg (it should include tidypics albums too).. 

    the highslide functionality only alters the way individual images/album icons/objects are rendered, rather than the whole page.

  • No I did not mean scroll. Different sized thumbnails are displayed which is more pleasing to the eyes.

    I saw the demo link of highslide you posted - it looks very nice - btw, it seems to be a v nice responsive theme. What theme is it?

    http://oxwall.idragonsolution.com/photo displays a varied size tiles of thumbnails and optional removal of side bar for such page only  - this seems to be the only thing lacking in elgg gallery plugins.

  • ah i see, ok..

    the images used on that page are all the full sized images, resized for the grid/page... which is good from a visual perspective.. not so great from a bandwidth/efficiency perspective.

    but performance issues aside - yes, that type of layout could be done.. but that is beyond the scope of the highslide plugin - which is just a slideshow addon.

    i am adding various admin options and that will include the option to choose which size of image to use on each of the pages.. so you can choose to use the large/master images for the image listing pages from albums if you prefer. from there you would need to change the design of the album page structure via css and javascript.
    i just saw this, which is free and designed to do the job (http://vnjs.net/www/project/freewall/)
    maybe i will look at using that too.

    the theme on my site is my own - which i have evolved over several years. ;)
    i only just came to add responsive parts - i used a boilerplate css file and just took what i needed from there. the whole responsive-ness only took about 3 hours to add.



  • i just updated the image page on my site to include a layout that is similar to the one you showed from oxwall:

    i just used a simple css change as shown here:

    another image grid plugin that you might find useful is: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2011/08/30/automatic-image-montage/

    once i find the right way to do this for my theme, i may find a way to include it into tidypics or some other plugin.

  • Beleive me, thats great. I am sure people here have not seen it yet - there would be a huge, huge demand for it. I will request you with all earnestness

    "once i find the right way to do this for my theme, i may find a way to include it into tidypics or some other plugin."

    I will request you with all earnestness to include it in whatever way possible as soon as possible. Many many thanks!


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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