[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Feedback] v1.8.0beta1

Release Notes


  • Initial release for Elgg 1.8 - not thorougly tested yet!!
  • Captcha check (only used when logged out) currently commented out in code as it does not refresh in the way I would like to.
  • For logged-out visitors it does not yet work with Elgg's walled-garden option enabled or when the Loginrequired plugin is used.
  • Installed & works perfect on elgg 1.8.8 but the only thing is not receiving feedback. I have check emails everything but can't get the feedback. Also I put my username in the 5 usernames option but I can't get the notification there as well.

    Please someone help, let me know does it work for u? Because when we post feedback it says >>Feedback submitted successfully. Thank you!

    But where we can view the feedback? 

  • @kisssssss4ever: As I wrote in the plugin description above: The feedback sent by users will be listed in the admin section of your site ("Administer" - "Utilities" - "Site feedback") and additionally you can add a feedback widget to the admin dashboard.

    If you enter a username in the plugin settings, you need to enter the "username" not the "display name" for the notifications to be sent. Also, emails are only sent out, if the user has enabled them in the user account notification settings. On-site notifications should work though.

  • @ iionly Thanks a lot, but the thing is I am using cool theme with 3 column plugin and the Feedback button becomes mess and goes down to my website. May I know how I can show this FeebBack button to the right side of my website? Maybe its my theme or other plugins that's why Feedback option become messy. 

    Which codes I have to change to right to show that Feedback option on the right side of my website?

    Would appreciate your help. Here is the screenshot of my website

    Many thanks in advance


  • @kisssssss4ever: maybe it's your theme that messes up the feedback window layout. You could place the feedback plugin below your theme plugin and refresh the cache to see if that helps.

    You can move the feedback toggler to the right hand side by modifying mod/feedback/views/default/feedback/css.php:

    #feedbackWrapper {
        position: fixed;
        top: 150px;
        right: 0px;
        width: 450px;

    #feedBackToggler {
        float: right;

    When you move the toggler to the right hand side you might also switch the names of the images slide-button-close.gif and slide-button-open.gif in mod/feedback/_graphics.

  • Works great in FF but I've found a couple issues:

    1) I changed the name of the member who should receive the feedback and it was not updated in the feedback form. The original email address persists. Refreshing the cache and deactivating/activating the plugin have no effect.

    2) The feedback form does not show in IE9.

  • Sorry. Yes, it is there in IE9 (I wasn't logged in) but the feedback email address is different than FF. In IE9 it's the site admin address, not the first or second one that I set.

  • @Ed: I think there's a misunderstanding here either on your side or mine regarding configuration of notification recipients of feedback. If the misunderstanding is on my side, I might have not fully understood what you are referring to... here's what I think you mean: you say the "email address persists". The only place the email address is shown or is asked for is the feedback form. But in the feedback form you are NOT asked who to send the feedback to but you are asked for your OWN email address or username. If you are logged in, this field is filled with your accounts email address and you can't change the content anyway. Only if you are logged out (i.e. anonymous) you can enter some identifier name into this field or optionally an email address to allow for sending you a reply to your feedback. If you leave this field empty the IP address is logged instead.

    If you want to configure who should receive a notification about feedback, this is NOT done in the feedback form but in the feedback plugin settings in the admin section of your site. Here you can enter up to five usernames (not email addresses). These users will receive a site notification and/or an email informing them about the feedback posting. The type of notification (or if they receive any notification at all) depends on their accounts' notification settings. They need to have enabled site notifcations and/or email notifications.

    Regardless of any usernames entered in the plugin settings, you can always read the feedback sent in the admin section of your site, either in the dashboard feedback widget if you have added it or on the feedback page (Administer - Utilities - Feedback).

  • Thanks iionly. This makes a lot of sense now. Works great!

  • This is really nice. THANK YOU.  Works great for me,  Cant see where to edit the questions fir the radio buttons though. But will keep looking.

  • Ahhh. SORRY. Obviously it is in the language file.

    I am an old man you know.! 

  • @brobaticus: I'm glad you found it already. I'd been on vacation, so I could not respond sooner...

  • Thank you iionly for this useful plugin. Just as a note, the sideview "feedback" is a gif and needs to be modified if anyone needs to translate to a non-english lang. Could it be an idea to make the mood and about fields dropdowns for alignment and for a bir more spacious form? regards.

  • This plugin works very nicely. Just a question: Would it be a target for spamming bots as it has no captcha? Also, would it be an idea to also include the IP address in the information displayed on the admin page?

    I believe functionally, this form will be competing with any "contact us" page that a site would have. So either "feedback" or "contact us" and not both...


  • @İşöğünçı: thanks for the "feedback". :)

    I have to admit that the gif image solution for the open/close button is maybe not optimal regarding translation. I'll see if I can solve it via CSS (i.e. same look with changeable text). I can also test out drop down fields instead of the radio buttons (no promise yet that I will implement it in a release - I first have to see how it looks).

    Regarding spamming I don't expect the feedback dialog a primary target as the feedback postings won't be public and won't create any advantage for spammer regarding search engine ranking. Nonetheless, I want to implement captchas as an option. Actually, the captchas are already implemented in my development release. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with one detail of the captchas: proper re-creation of the captcha when opening/closing or after sending a feedback. I can't say when I will have solved this issue. It's partly also a question of free time to work on coding currently...

    Regarding IP address being shown: it already is displayed for anonymous posters.

  • @Matt: thanks. I will keep your link in mind once I find some time to work on the Feedback plugin again.

  • I'd like to share some modifications i did to the plugin (mainly graphical), and aware iionly of those.

    These modifications include only the replacement of the radio buttons to choose both "mood" and "about" data of the feedback with 2 selects.

    I find those more easy to manage and less graphically intrusive

    Here is the very little "fix" that only interests the "footer.php" file located in "views/default/feedback" folder of the feedback mod


    sorry for poor formatting but it's all on pastebin actually :)

    Let me know if this brakes some community rules but i think there's no problem in suggesting some changes :)
    Anyway, if there are, i'll remove this right away.

    Happy Elgging :)


  • @Francesco: nice work! Thanks for publishing your modifications. I think it looks very nice and maybe I'll include your changes in the next release. Unfortunately, I can't say when I'll have time to work on the Feedback plugin again as my main jobs keeps me quite busy currently. Therefore, I had no time for some seriously coding recently. Also, I'm still slightly stuck with including a captcha check in the feedback dialog which I want to include in the next release.

  • Thank you iionly, too kind. I did a really small tweak, you, on the other hand, did a marvelous job with the plugin.

    Helped me a lot with my current project, which i hope will be in production soon :)

    About the captcha, I think it should be not to hard to implement, i'll look into it when i got some spare time to dedicate.

  • @Francesco: the code for captcha handling is already included. I've just commented it out because there's an issue with captcha refreshing (better say "not" refreshing) when open/closing the Feedback dialog and after successfully sending feedback or canceling the feedback sending. The problem is that the captcha image gets cached by the browser and I've not yet properly managed to stop the caching or force a reload. The reloading works only once. I only want to enable the captcha code once I've solved this issue (better no captcha than a captcha not working correctly).

  • @iionly Thanks again for this useful plugin. I have noticed that if I display an elgg site on an Android telephone, the Feedback button nicely appears on the edge (on my setup on right). When I touch it to expand/display the feedback form, the form naturally overflows the narrow screen of the phone. But unlike the rest of the elgg site, I can not horizontally scroll the feedback form. What could be the reason (elgg 1.8.9 without any Mobilizer plugin). Best Regards.


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