Questions and Answers v1.0.1

Release Notes

  • de + en added for comment on river
  • fixed deprecated warnings for widget
  • added tags headline
  • fix for fatal error (occured when trying to comment)
  • fix for wrong name in river when commenting
  • Thanks! The wrong name issue is still there though :)

    Great job in fixing other problems. Thanks a lot!

  • The problem is, that it's just fixed for new comments, as the older ones are saved in the database. So if you comment again it should display the new and right name, the older entries remain as they were before.

  • But I observed it for the new comments as well. I downloaded this version and overwritten the previous folder in mod directory. Am I missing something very obvious :) I am new to elgg and have very less idea on PHP as well.

  • Just be sure that the file actions/addcomment.php was overwritten (line 30 is the key, should include 'elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid()'). Afterwards make a new comment on the questions page with a different user than the one asking the question. Now the second user should appear in the activity stream as the one who commented.

  • No luck. yes, the file addcomment.php is overwritten. Even checked in the file for line 30. It says

    add_to_river('river/object/question/comment', 'comment', elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid(), $object->getGUID());

    Still I could observe the same issue. Both in group questions, and mainstream questions. Tried with three users. One raised question, second answered it, third one commented on the answer. Till answering it looked good. For comment on answer it fetched the person's name who actually answered it.

  • 2 minor releases on one day, looks like I'm doing something wrong today ;-)

    In version 1.0.1 I just forgot to implement a single file, fixed that in the new and small release 1.0.2

    Tanks for the patience ;-)

  • is there any plugn for mobile which allows to load file from device itself as it allows from pc?

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