Message not only to friends but users v0.1

Release Notes


- no settings yet, but you can alter line 13-19 of the included views/default/forms/messages/send.php.


- settings (no. of max users, order)

Please contact me if you want to contribute a new version.

  • nicccce - u bin bizi recently, for an apparent newcomer ;-oO most usually come here elgg@comm for their first time with.. bugz, problemz, help & lolzies *questions ;-X stay kool..

    small warning -;) in yr send.php view - you have this empty line after the php code

    $body = elgg_view_layout('content', array(
        'content' => $content,
        'title' => $title,
        'filter' => '',

    echo elgg_view_page($title, $body);

    this can cause strange errors like php's 'headers already sent' ;-(

    one should always code :-


    echo elgg_view_page($title, $body);< *NO LF CAUSES FILE TO END RIGHT HERE -- NO STRANGE STUFF >

  • For:= Settings :-
    .    no. of max users
    .    order
    Try (tootally untested doodle code) -->


    * messages (SehLax)
    * @package messages
    $Txt.=elgg_echo('Messages_Limit ');
    $Txt.="=> (".$Embrache_TimeZone_For_Site.")</h2>";//DBG
    $Txt.="\n<br />";
             'name' => 'params[Messages_Limit]'
            ,'id' =>   'params[Messages_Limit]'
            ,'value' => "$Messages_Limit\n"
             'name' => 'params[Messages_Order]'
            ,'id' =>   'params[Messages_Order]'
            ,'value' => "$Messages_Order\n"
    echo elgg_view_module("inline",elgg_echo("messages:Messages_Limit"),$Txt);

  • Hi DhrupDeScoop,

    I missed some stuff and started finding out how to get it, so I thought it might be useful for others too. I guess the plugin creation and upload is even too straightforward, giving surprisingly good results with trial and error ;-)

    So thanks a lot for checking and for the LF hint. Actually I didn't even plan to include that file, so I guess I should check more carefully in the future ...

    I might try out the config later, though I don't really need it myself at the moment.


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 863
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