Shortcodes 1.8.X v1.1

Release Notes

Added support for multiple video sites

  • Hi, Is it possible to automate it? When you write for example a link ( display motion video.

    When I wrote the code on the page can be viewed as a plug and wire using R3C

  • @gblogger: if you want to convert youtube videos and other video links automatically to embedded videos, try the videos plugin @
    What do you mean by? When I wrote the code on the page can be viewed as a plug and wire using R3C...

  • can you list all the video sites supported? i didn't see a list in the download file.

  • Well actually I have a stupid problem guys

    The link above the tinymce editor ("Shortcodes") calls an ajax page so the class is 'elgg-lightbox' everything is ok except when the editor is loaded by ajax...the lightbox doesn't launch!

    Any idea? (Tinymce languages doesn't launch either)

  • i'm not sure of the cause of the challenge there stan, i just installed this and its ok for me.
    except the google docs pdf doesn't render.. when i went to view that page in its own window google asked me to login, so its probably not set to public anymore.
    embeding a youtube video works.
    there is also a version of the tinymce editor in the community that is customised to include a youtube embed button 

  • one issue i just saw is that when i embed a youtube video in a comment, it appears in the river and is too big to be fully visible. some kind of micro-version of it would help, as izap and facebook have done.

  • I don't understand how to use this plugin.. I have a requirement if I upload a PPT,PDF, any docs files .. User is able to view the file and able to read its content.. but when I am uploading the files from files option noting is happing.. i am able to see "Shortcodes" link in my sites..

    Please help !!

  • I like very much that idea, which practically allows to reuse any existing Wordpress shortcode..

    I think it would be event more powerful with a few design changes : if we could add new shortcodes using a views folder (like shortcode/[shortcodename]), that would allow easier shortcodes configuration - and also reuse in other contexts (as regular views). I will probably give a try in that direction some day. By the way, using elgg_add_shortcode($tag, $func) is already very nice.


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