proSkin_theme v1.0

  • wow cool theme, keep up your hard work

    Thanks for theme.

  • A warning to whoever downloads this, you need to unzip it first to your pc or create a folder within your mod directory, dont just unzip this download file into your mod directory like I have just done :(

  • nice theme but, where's the navigation bar?
    this theme is awesome but when active my bar with plugins like Videolist, Games and tidypics is not acessible.

    please, with a toolbar this plugin will be perfect.

  • @Rafael..explain, isnt the tool bar in the left panel?  Or, are you saying it should be on the left panel as well as on the top?

  • Beautiful!

    The good thing about the facebook-like themes is that, they do not have this "tool box" view of the standard elgg UI which might be confusing for the users at times. On the other hand, FB-like themes are a bit "hard-wired" and you lose the configurability. E.g. when a new plugin is introduced by another developer, its widget will not automatically appear on the fb-like themes. So, it is a bit trade-off.

    But this theme seems to have combined to some extend, the sleek facebook design with the configurability strength of more conventional elgg designs. Kind of 'hybrid' view. Default widgets appear on the rightmost column. It is a bit strange that the 'lock' symbol is used for 'customize the widget' function. User can move the widgets around or remove them (but, if you remove and want to add a widget later, how do you do it? - this makes one to think whether the hybridness of this design is intentional).

    Disappointing that it is not compatible with WidgetManager plugin. It is not possible to "pin down" the widgets (to prevent user from moving them around or delete). Also, the WidgetManager designed index page has some rendering issues and the page gives (like in Cool Theme, FB theme) the fatal error: 

    Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Search for more information.

    SecurityException Object
    [message:protected] => Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Search for more information.

    In any case, this is a great looking theme and hope that WidgetManager compatibility will be sorted out. Good job!

  • awesome, i just love the work in sidebar_alt; HTML5 would be great ;)

  • problem when show videos.
    how to modificate the both sides to expand the view?

  • Hello to all
    Thank you for downloading this theme. I followed all your ideas and problems. I'm trying the next version or a stand-alone version will fix these issues. ;)

  • @Rafael Lanna which video plugin you are using please? 

  • I like your theme so much.. but I have problem, its seem like not competible with social login plugin.. :(

  • I am a french developper and i wish install your theme for my site : But i don't arrive. So have you a notice detailled to install your theme design ?

  • place it in the mod directory. then activate the plugin from your admin screen

  • sry for my bad English

    I will unlike a comment on the river an bekomme a error message, why can  i unlike al like ?

    Have any the same problem?

  • how people can explain where the files to modify the graphical aspect of elgg site exists ?


  • Hi there. I really appreciate your hard work this is great. I am having an issue though with my site name I will paste the source here and a screen print. For some reason my Title is coming in as Tittle: News Feed /Title

    One other kind of hopetful thought as you can see my site name is a little long. Is is extremely difficult ot shift the message and search box right a bit to accomodate the name? Thank you for your help.

    screen print


    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
      <meta name="ElggRelease" content="1.8.5" />
      <meta name="ElggVersion" content="2012041801" />
      <title>Where We Cheer: News Feed</title>
      <link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="" />
      <link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" />
  • Hello,

    With ie8 i havent diplay the avatar of users ou groups on the river page :(

  • Hello,

    if i active the compatibilty mode in IE8 it's almost good in ie8 :(


  • hello guys.

    How do Comments for this theme behave? Other facebook themes have been having problem of showing a comments as Posts and Comments at the same time.

  • Where is the button to add widgets to the user's profile? if the user deletes them can not put them back or change of site.

  • Maybe someone can help.

    I have a problem with "Like" on posts on the wire and activity. If I press "Like", it likes not only the selected post, it likes other posts also. I have checked the links behind "Like" and it seems that these are exactly the same. Anybody else with this issue? I use the standard like plugin directly from elgg (bundled) and the river_addon plugin for ajaxed real time update of the river.

  • It seems that this theme add the Like button to all items in the river. And duplicates the link if the element can't be liked without the theme.


    Someone add another one to his friend and in my river the message appears, that person A is now a friend with person B. I can like this if I use this theme. I can't like it if I use the standard theme.

    Person B now change his avatar and I can like this in this theme, too. But this can't be liked in the standard theme.

    Both items has exactly the same link behind "Like" and if I press it, both items get one "Like". That's definitely a bug in this theme! Please fix this, otherwise this theme isn't very useful at all.

    The theme is perfect if this is working!!!

  • The same as above appears with the comments, too. Double posting the comment for items which can't be commented.

  • Thank you for your this great theme. One problem I've got is that the "remove editor" and "add editor" is the wrong way around i. e. when I write on some field and want to make something bold I have to press "remove editor", then the editor comes visible. Why would you think that is?


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