Short URLs 1.8.X v1.0

Release Notes

V1.0 : First release

  • Useful. URL input & short URL fields appear on the 'The Wire' page.


  • What this plugin does? Please someone explain or give screen shot for new elgg users like me :)

  • If you want to post some URL in a Wire message, say for referring to a website article, normally URLs are long so it takes up too much space. And "The Wire" has a character limit (140 like twitter).

    With this plugin, you can shorten those URLs so that you can sequeeze more bla bla into your message. Just try it. You will see it only on the "The Wire" page.

  • TidyPics vs ShortURLs: I have this strange observation. When I activate the ShortURL plugin, then the photos on my TidyPics albums do not display (or rather, only their names are listed).

    I know it does not make sense, but I have tried it at least 5 times.

    Anybody else has this strange observation?

  • @Isogunci : No Idea whats the problem is. This plugin has nothing common with tidypics. Try to rearrange the order of plugins.

    @Rj: thanks ;)

  • @Team Webgalli: I can confirm this issue with Tidypics: Elgg 1.8.8, Tidypics 1.8.0-RC1 and Short Url enabled (without an API key entered yet) the images of Tidypics don't show (neither single images nor album cover images). Instead of the images the links show though (link to image view or lightbox popup with error message "The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later."). The order of the plugins does not change anything.

  • Other plugins are also in conflict with the short url plugin. For example my captcha plugin: the captcha images are not displayed on the registration page / lost password page.

  • @iionly : for us it worked fine with the captcha plugin. Could you try the latest version in git?

  • I've tested version 1.1 from github. Both Tidypics and my captcha plugin work without issues with version 1.1. I compared the versions with diff and noticed no significant differences in content (apart from a few changes in the copyright comment block of some files). But for start.php and views/default/galliShortUrl/short.php I got the notification that while the file content is identical the two files are not binary identical. I suspect that the problems with Tidypics and my captcha plugin in version 1.0 might have been the result of an encoding issue or BOM issue with these files. You might want to upload version 1.1 here, too.

  • @iionly : thank you for testing it. We uploaded the latest release here. It was an encoding issue.

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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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