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I have worked my but off on my site. It all works perfect but now I have a problem I did not catch.

My users can create blog entrys just like Im doing here. And then send a face book like to share it. But when you click the link from facebook you can't view the blog entry without being loged in. I need for every one to be able to see a users blogs with out being logged in. PLease help me with this as My whole site depends on it.


  • ``no Walled Gardenis not active. And I have access set to public. 

  • Here is more info. I am using elgg1.8  the blog mod and the social logind mod. users can create a account with the facebook login button and create a blog entry I am calling it a list. then send it to facebook. 


    But  when their friends click the link from fscebook to look st their entry they get a message that they do not have permision to view the page.  This is the whole purpos of the site to share their lists on facebook. So I need to make the entrys viewable by the public. I just cant find out how to do it.

  • You can set the site default access to public, though if someone chooses to change it then it won't be publicly accessible.  You can force all blogs to be public if you want, by creating a simple plugin to modify the allowed access options.


  • Hey Matt. I found it.  The default setting somehow was set to draft, on new blog entrys.  

    On the blog entry page I have most of the form elements hidden so could not see it. 

    The site is now up and running Thanks. I would post the url but I don't know if I can. I dont want to be in truble for self promoting . 

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