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 * permalink_page








// what are we replying to

$original_post_guid = (int) get_input('annotation_id');


// choose the required canvas layout and items to display

$sidebar = elgg_view("river:post", array('add' => 'yes'));

$sidebar_ext = elgg_view("thewire/twitter");


$content = elgg_view_title(elgg_echo('thewire:reply'));

$content .= elgg_view("river/item/list", array('guid' => $original_post_guid));


$body = elgg_view_layout("sidebar_boxes", $sidebar, $content, $sidebar_ext);


page_draw(elgg_echo('river:permalink'), $body);



I need help to display a single item of the river according to its id

  • Is there a way to direct the user to the actual river post in the notify section of actions/comment.php

    // notify if poster wasn't owner
    if ($entity->owner_guid != $user->guid) {




    $user->getURL() takes the user to all their wire posts.  is there a way to direct them to just the post being commented on?  like when you disable ajax on "river comments" and you click view all, it directs to a page that shows just the 1 wire post and any comments underneath. 

    any help would be great.  thanks