Site Access - Readme

The Latest Stable plugin can be downloaded by going to my plugins page here.

Changes from 2.1 to 2.2:

  • Found a small typo in my css that was throwing off the captcha... I accidently added some extra characters to one of the fields... This one should be final, and the one that is going to stay around awhile.

Changes from 2.0 to 2.1:

  • Fixed an issue where if an email object had not been created  it attempted to create a new object and save it.  This was throwing an IO Exception error.  If it doesn't have permission to save the object it will now  creates a temporary email object with the default message for specified email.  Unless your logged in as an administrator and goto pg/siteaccess/templates then it makes the objects permanent.
  • There was a typo in the Confirm email address where it was sending the site link and not the confirm email link... you need to revert the "Email Confirmation" template it will pick up the changes in the language file.

Changes from 1.9 to 2.0:

  • Added a new hook to user settings.  When user changes their email address it will now require them to validate there email address again.
  • Added Email template system to modify or customize emails sent to users. If you screw up an email just click on the link 'Revert to default' and it will put back the original.
  • Updated the Site Access user browsing page. 
  • Added an option to allow for auto activation after successfully registering on the site
  • Added a debug mode to walledgarden to help find mysteriously blocked uri's so you can add them to your access list easier. 
  • Walledgarden no longer de-activates simple cache
  • Added new river events... (Old river events generated by siteaccess will be invalid)  The new river events added are as follows:  When a user joins the network (After Registration), When a user validates his email address activating his account, or when the admin authorizes his account.

Changes from 1.8 to 1.9:

  • Site password(registration password) logic has been fixed. You don't need to upgrade if your not using this feature.  
  • 2 new views have been added to allow for exapnding the siteaccess login/registration forms.  If you want to add new fields to the login or registration forms just extend the following views: 'siteaccess/register' and 'siteaccess/login' it will include your changes in the forms.

Changes from 1.7 to 1.8:

  • Plugin settings now default if they haven't been set before, this will occur after enabling the plugin.
  • Added new settings allowing you to specify which pages are approved to be viewed with walledgarden enabled.
  • A new plugin Option in the plugin settings now that says "Send join events to River Dashboard?" You can set this to yes/no.  Yes will add a message on the River Dashboard saying "<username> has joined your network".  If you have "Allow account activation via email?" set to Yes it will happen right after this.  If you have it set to No it will happen right after the the admin Authorizes the account.
  • Spanish translation has been added thanks to "Juser".. missing a few of the recent changes but almost complete. 
  • Fixed a forwarding issue some users were experiencing with walledgarden enabled after logging in.
  • No longer will throw a PHP error if you attempt to login with an invalid user. 


If you change the acl(Access Control List) for walledgarden and want to default back to the built in acl just remove all acl entries and click save.  It will automatically put all the default entries back in for you.  Safe guards have been put in place to prevent accidental lock out of the system.

Changes from 1.6 to 1.7:

  • Walledgarden broke cron.. this has now been fixed.
  • the CAPTCHA will now show up on sites installed into a subdirectory
  • the Walledgarden now works on sites installed into a subdirectory
  • Improved walledguarden support.
  • Now displays a proper message if you click on a link you don't have access too.
  • Added external_pages to approved list of pages to view.

Changes from 1.3 to 1.6:

  • Now integrates with the "invitefriends" plugin.  If this plugin is enabled you can require that in order to register on the site they need an invitecode.
  • walledgarden support has been added.  With this option enabled it will disable all pages for non-logged in users except for the registration page and lost passwords page.
  • A cron job hook has been added to notify the admin if there are users that have not been activated.  The interval is configurable.
  • Email confirmation codes are only valid for 1 week.  After the week is over the code is stale and will have to be regenerated.  This will happen automatically if the user tries to login again if they haven't validated there email address yet.
  • CAPTCHA has been added to the login page and registration page.  It will always show on the registration page.  It will not show on the Login page until after 3 unsuccessful login attempts.  Typing in the CAPTCHA will reset the failed login attempts counter for the specified user.
  • There is now an option to see what users got invited by who.  There is a new sub-menu item on the users profile that will allow you to view the users invited by that user.
  • Performed some small code clean up in certain areas.  And a few new screen shots

Changes from 1.2 to 1.3:

  • Allows for the Administrator to activate users
  • Adds a new sub-menu option on the user profile to activate the user
  • Admin option to browse all non-validated users and banned users
  • Notification email sent to user when admin validates the user
  • Require site password to register
  • Enable/Disable site password
  • Enable/Disable coppa
  • Enforce acount activation by admin
  • Validates email address


There was a bug found in previous version with the /mod/siteaccess/views/default/menu/adminlink.php screwing up the view for the Users Settings.  adminlinks.php has now been renamed to siteaccess_adminlinks.php.