Howto use the Profile Manager

1. Add a new Profile type

This can be the types of users/types of user profiles you are expecting on your site. It helps to categorise your users as an admin. Also it helps the users to fill-up different Profiles enabling him to explain more about him/her. It also helps admins as well as members to search your users according to their profile types selected ( you have to enable "Show as filter on 'Members' page" for that).

Eg: of Profile fields I have used in my site are : Student Profile, Professional Profile, etc..
Give a Name, label and Desciption and hit save.

"Name" is shown only to the admin
"Label"is what is shown on member profile edit area
"Description" Gives an idea to the user, what is meant by selecting the profile type.

2. Add a new Category
Create Categories. Categories are those tabs your member sees with different profile fields on his "edit profile page".
For eg : About Me, Professional, Personal, Social. etc.. (differs according to your site niche)

3. Add a new Profile field
Now you can start creating custom profile fields from scratch. First decide which all profile fields should be shown or belong to which all profile types/categories. Like what would you like your

Professional member to tell the world ( Designation, Office address, Professional mai id etc..)
Student member to tell the world ( College, year of passing out etc..)
Drag and drop them into "Categories".

You can decide by checking and unchecking which all categories should be shown to which all Profile types.
You can also decide by checking and unchecking which all fields appear in search/advance search fields or whether the custom profile search itself should be made possible or not.

Credits for the howto go to jaxcat

  • Hi Jeroen,

    How do you get the registration form to behave like the edit profile form. when I select my profile type, i want the fields in the assigned categories to appear/dissappear, so that different types of user fill in differnt fields.


  • hi jeroen, this plugin is very suitable to the kind of site we're building. I think there's some problem regarding the edit profile link when I viewed my profile. It didn't show anything,just a white page. The edit profile form didn't show up. Can you  help why the prob occurred?or did you notice the same prob?thank you so much!

  • Hi Jeroen, this plugin is great, but I have no dropdown functionality at all. Do you have any idea why that would be? For example, if a profile wants a dog, cat, or fish or can select more than one, the drop down multiselect is now allowing members to choose what they want. Any ideas?

  • my site is very low "please fix the problem"

  • hi, when you customize the user registration by adding some new input strings,
    Where does the system insert these user values?
    because in the table elgg_user_entity i can find only the standard value,
    for example name username password, i don't know where are the new fields that i have inserted with your profile manager menu.
    thanks in advance 

  • Hey,

    I was using elgg 1.7.8, and all was fine, the profile was working well, and the profile manager plugin also worked well.

    But i recently upgraded to elgg 1.8.2 and am using the old database, but for some reason, the profiles of the users dont show up, the information they entered are not available, though their names and display image is available. In the admin section the profile plugin doesnt even show up, I tried to copy the old metastring table to the new one, doesnt seem to be working either. My biggest puzzle is why the profile plugin wont even show up on the admin section.

    What can be done, any help on this is greatly appreciated!


  • @elgg182 : start a new thread for your problem. You need to follow the upgrade instructions with the elgg package. You are not supposed to do any DB manipulations yourself.

    For the profile manager plugin not showing up problem : have you tried the 1.8 compatible version of profile manager. When you are upgrading elgg, you need to upgrade all plugins too.

  • Using 1.8...  I'm trying to retrieve custom fields for the user that were created in Profile Manager.  For example, I have a profile type of "Singer" and under that type I have a field called "SingerGender" which is either "Male" or "Female". How do I got about retrieving those values for a user using php?

  • OK  I found that the SingerGender custom field is accessible via $user->SingerGender.  But I also need to distinguish by identifying the profile type...  I can't seem to find a property that references it such as $user->profile_type....

  • Guys! I LOVE the custom profile manager... i wish it had a proper name so i'm not confused between it and others... BUT...

    I need help...

    I want to show other fields like


    Date of Birth


    on the member results page... how can we do that?



    I want it to look like a spreadsheet!

  • just keep looking around the plugin settings, you will figure it out!

  • ( you have to enable "Show as filter on 'Members' page" for that).

    Where I can make this?
    Is it further possible to search only for user by one field?

  • I installed the profile manager plugin and then tried to import fields and now my front end and back end only appear white. No content is available any more. What do I do? Is there a way of restting the pofile manager table data to its default (pre-import) state?

    How do I get import fields to work properly?

    Please help. I want to be able to use the plugin.

  • On the user registration form, is it possible to ask a user to select their "Profile Type"?

  • Yes, it's one of the options in the settings

  • Is there any way to alter Profile manager so that the little drop-down menu under each profile field can have the default "Logged in User" changed to "Private"?

  • Hi guys,

    I have been struggling to find a way to show a field if the User Profile is for exemple STUDENT.

    Is there a way to set it?

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